About Chicago Art Magazine
The network of sites continues to evolve rapidly.

We began as Art Talk Chicago, part of the Chicago Tribune-sponsored blog network, Chicago Now. We broke off and started our own, independent venture in the fall of 2009. We call our online media conglomerate Chicago Art Machine.

The Visual Art Websites include:

– Chicago Art Magazine – new, reviews and features
Chicago Art Map –  a comprehensive map and calendar tool for visual art
Chicago Artist Database – a free and open system for artists to upload their work.

We also publish a film about local filmmakers, and another site about technology :

TINC Magazine: Technology Industry New – Chicago
Chicago DIY Film

Our masthead, but things change quickly, so as of 4/15, it looks something like this:

Kathryn Born – founder and Editor-in-Chief of all sites in the network.
Robin Dluzen –  Managing Editor
Heather Reitsma – Senior Editor
Stephanie Cristello – Assistant Editor


Contact Us

If you want to talk to us, or write to us, contact  staff at chicagoartmachine.com
If you want to tell us about your art or exhibit chicagoartmap at gmail.com 

Sending the wrong type of message to the wrong email could end up getting marked as spam.
Editorial Policies and Other Stuff

For more about the organization, see “the Transparency Pages“.

Chicago Art Magazine is supported through advertising. If an article has been underwritten by anyone, for any purpose, or the publishers can achieve any benefit through the promotional effort, then it is labeled as a sponsored post. Sponsored Posts are written in red at the top of the article. If there is no “red tag”, then the article was written at no expense to anyone except for the magazine. Local art exhibits at public venues are listed on ChicagoArtMap.com. This listing strives to be free, comprehensive and non-curated.  chicagoartmap at gmail.com is the email for announcements.

Editorial processes changes with each season, but artists are generally nominated by other artists and it goes through editorial approval. Anyone is welcome to sit in on an editorial session, just contact us and we’ll let you know when the next meeting takes place.