Newly Launched Goshi App Bridges Mobile Technology and Art

At a unique intersection between technology and art, Goshi is a mobile phone application that turns local spaces like coffee shops into virtual, visual marketplaces. Artists can post work for free by taking a picture, typing in a title, a price, and a description, and anyone nearby can browse, buy, or connect through the application.

Goshi’s visual marketplace model is unique in that communities replace categories. Whereas categories are fixed labels used to classify product listings, communities are organic groups of people who buy, sell, and connect with each other based on shared interests and the places they socialize. Within the app, users can comment on posts to ask questions, meet, and purchase, and all art posted is assigned to a physical space nearby.

“Marketplaces are already communities. Goshi attempts to reinforce the same connections made in coffee shops and other public spaces. It focuses on browsing and discovery, with the long term goal of creating and building communities, not just commerce.” said Jack Eisenberg, CEO and co-founder. “A discovery-driven marketplace differs from a high-intent, search-driven marketplace in that one browses based on personal interests instead of immediate wants,” Eisenberg said.

Feedback from independent artists about selling their work in local places like coffee shops and bars drove the concept of Goshi’s ‘hubs.’ “A lot of artists we talked to were looking for a better way to have their art discovered, and we wanted to make it as easy as possible to post a piece of work. We also wanted a user experience that preserves the visceral experience of seeing a piece of art for the first time.”

Goshi is launching in Chicago late July, and will roll out in conjunction with several partnerships and marketing efforts. The founders expect to have a user-base of twenty thousand amongst fifteen coffee shops by the end of the summer, and will be rolling out to neighborhoods beyond the City of Chicago later this year. Goshi is also working on seamless payments between buyers and sellers within the application.

Around one hundred artists have signed up for the beta, and anyone interested should check out the website, download the application (soon to be released for iPhone), or contact co-founder Jack Eisenberg at jack@goshi.me.



About Goshi:

Goshi is a completely-mobile, photo-based marketplace for communities. Users post to local places where transactions and social interactions occur.