The Package

Hi. You are seeing this page because you’ve been told about “The Package’ and have come here for more information.

Please note that all the things listed below are available “a la carte”, but this is a special package that gives you all the things listed for one price. We’re believers in “The Package” because it’s brought great success, as it uses the basic marketing principle of repition. All through one source, very cheaply. In a nutshell, we hit our audience over the head with only two advertisers each week.

Our audience will hear about your offering via:

Facebook, on Twitter,  a slideshow ad on the homepage, banners on blog posts, and a “Sponsored Post” (advertorial article). But what do these things mean? That’s the purpose of this page, to explain each one.

What is a Sponsored Post?

Simply, advertorial that’s labeled as such.

They’re on the featured article carousel (the big pictures that move around across the top of the screen), and when they’re clicked on, they appear like any other article.

See a list of real ones.

Either you provide the copy, or we can write it for you (via 3rd party copyeditor). We like to use 4 images and 500 words of text.


(images expand to full size when clicked on)

“Social Network Blast”

Once your post is up, we leap into action and let the world know about it. With 4,000 twitter followers, over 1,600 friends on the Editor’s Facebook page, and 1,000 members of Chicago Art Magazine’s Facebook group,.. your show will not go unnoticed, let’s put it that way.  These were not purchased lists, these were hand-picked members of the art community, continually built over time.

Slideshow Ad

Go to the homepage. See the slideshow on the right that’s changing every 3 seconds? That’s a slideshow ad. That’s there to keep you front of mind for a two week period.  We get the images from you and we assemble it internally.

“The packages” is all of the things listed above, for a total of $600.


I don’t want all of this, can I see a price card for individual things?

Can I get a discount?
Sure, and (see nav bar at top of screen) have a 2 spots open each month, and sponsored posts and slideshow ads that appear there (instead of are less expensive.

Yes! Let’s do it! Now what?

1. Email Kathryn, and figure out a date for your sponsored post to appear. They go fast, so plan ahead.
2. Provide all information about dates, times, addresses, etc.
3. Figure out what you want the copy to say.  Do you want to write it, have us modify a press release, or have our copyeditor do it for a small fee? (She’s excellent)
4. Gather up your images. We need lots:
a.   your logo graphic, whatever you have lying around we can work with.
b. 4-6 images – 800 pixels wide is great, 72 dpi is fine, or we can take higher res. — .jpg preferred but we can do .tiff, etc.

Payments by check or Paypal (preferred).