New and Closed Galleries

New Chicago Art Venues and Closed Chicago Art Venues

This page exists as an ongoing update of changes to the Chicago Art Map: the opening of new galleries, the closing of existing galleries, and the relocation of venues. Opening and closing dates provided whenever available. If we missed something, let us know chicagoartmagazine -at- gmail  dot com

New Venues 2012

Shot Images (February 2012)

New Venues 2011

Alderman Exhibitions (January 2011)
Courtney Blades (Summer 2011)
Hinge Gallery (July 2011)
The Meadow! (July 2011)
Parallax Gallery (August 2011)
Mink & Arce (September 2011)
Public Works Gallery (September 2011)
Terrain Exhibitions (September 2011)
Paper Crown Gallery (September 2011)
DePaul Art Museum (September 2011)


New Galleries 2010
Margin Gallery (March 2010)
BettyThree Birds (March 2010)
Betty Dare Art Gallery
(March 2010)
(February 2010)
Gallery X (March 2010)
SAIC Columbus Auditorium
(March 2010)
Chicago Tourism Center Gallery
(March 2010)
Lyndon Contemporary (April 2010)
Edge Gallery (April 2010)
Part Time Gallery (April 2010)
Iceberg (April 2010)
Holby American Art(April 2010)
Bright Olive Oak Park IL (May 2010)
Robert Bills Contemporary (June 2010)
Peanut Gallery
(June 2010)
Manifest Exhibitions (November 2010)
The Mission (November 2010)
Adds Donna
R&D Gallery
Harper Gallery
Zia Gallery
Gallery Swarm
Volume Gallery

New Galleries 2009
Abryant Gallery (September 2009)
Agent Gallery (December 2009)
AJ Kane Gallery (September 2009)
Black Market (December 2009)
Bruce Thorn Studio (December 2008)
Clutch Gallery (a purse)
Coalition Gallery (November 2009)
Eel Space
Elephant Room, Inc. (November 2009)
Garage Spaces (October 2009) (see also closings)
Johalla Projects (October 2009)
Monument 2 (see New City)
Noble & Superior Projects (October 2009)
Pawn Works Gallery
Pentagon Gallery (December 2009)
Peregrine Program (November 2009)
Reception Gallery (December 2009)
The Opp Shop (December 2009)
Wicker Park Art (December 2009)

Closed Venues 2011

LG Space (Summer 2011)
Ben Russell (Summer 2011)
Monument 2 (June 2011)
Noble & Superior Projects (June 2011)
Knock Knock Gallery (June 2011)
Fill in the Blank Gallery (July 2011)
Swimming Pool Projects (2011) going nomadic
Walsh Gallery (October 2011) going nomadic
Golden Age (October 2011)
Pentagon (Closed physical space but continue as independent curators.)

Removed/Closed from the Map During Summer 2010:
-Deckelew and Bensley – 1753 W. Chicago Ave..
-Gaucho Social Club – 1231 N. Greenview Ave. #1R
-Kedzingdale House – Kedzie and Bloomingdale
-Maya Mackrandilal – 534 ½ W. Addison St. #226
-Mostly Gallery – 1619 W. Julian St. #1
-Scott Projects – 1542 N. Milwaukee Ave. #3

Vespine (January 2010)
Byron Roche  (February 2010)
Melanee Cooper (February 2010)
Aaron galleries  (March 2010)
Concertina (May 2010)
Lusenhop Fine Art (May 2010) (business will continue online)
David Leonardis (June 2010)
Barbara & Barbara (June 2010) (still giving haircuts, though)
Rowley Kennerk Gallery (December 2010)
Ossia Space (2010)
Around the Coyote (2010)
Alogon (2010)
Artistic Jeanius (2010)

Before and During 2009:
Echo Gallery (August 2006)
Flatfile Gallery (March 2009)
Garage Spaces (December 2009) (see also “new”)
Green Bicycle Organization (August 2009)
Green Lantern Gallery (June 2009)
I Space Gallery (December 2009)
Jonathan Romaine Gallery  (relocated to another city)
Mi Elements (June 2008)
Mini Dutch (July 2009)
Neleh (2008)
Ossia Fine Arts Space (September 2009)
Refuge: Center for Artist in Recovery (April 2009)
Scott Projects
The Upstairs Gallery (September 2006)
Vega Estates (August 2009)


Coalition Gallery has moved to 217 North Carpenter Street, Chicago IL 60607
Autumn Space
moved to 1700 W Irving Park Road #207, Chicago IL 60613
Betty Rymer Gallery has moved from 280 S. Columbus Dr to 36 South Wabash in the Sullivan Centers.
Monique Meloche – new location: 2154 W. Division (September 2009)
InCUBATE: no longer has a location, now exists as a roaming curatorial project (December 2009)
Griffin Gallery (moved frmo River North, has closed for periods of time and had two re-locations) (date unknown)

Thank you to Jason Foumberg for filling in the blanks in New City’s Best of 2009 list.