Yes, we will help you set up your site.
Yes, we will figure out what you’re looking to do, and how to get there.
Yes, we can get you in touch with developers who are cheap and awesome.
Yes, we have an awesome video guy and can shoot and produce an interview video about you
Yes, we know a lot about social networking and can help you build an audience.
Yes, we’re good at marketing and PR.

BUT you’re going to have to hire us and pay us because we’re just swamped. Kathryn is $50/hr, phone consult and support is free. Everyone else is $25/hr. That might sound high for the art world, but we are kings of off-the-shelf-solutions. Everything listed above we can probably do for $300, the very tech basics we could do for $100 if we do all our meetings online.

Write for more info.