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Chicago Art Magazine is more than an online magazine: it’s a network of sites that offer a comprehensive and organized view of the entire local art scene.

  • Chicago Art Map offers both a Map Tool and a Calendar Tool: 340 Chicago venues are currently listed, and there are over 500 art events on the calendar. The information in this database is displayed on a map, and can be filtered, searched, sorted and categorized in a variety of ways, providing the user with the exact information they want, and filtering out the information they don’t. (
  • Chicago Art Magazine features gallery reviews and articles, and is currently expanding its general news and features sections. We post over 25 articles a month, covering a range of interesting art-related subjects. (
  • Chicago Art Collector is a specialty site that deals exclusively with the topic of collecting visual (and other forms) of fine art. Topics range from collector spotlights and interviews to financial and contractual analysis, plus engaging philosophical articles on some of the theories and ideas behind the acquisition and ownership of art. (1/2010 launch –

Our goal is to become the media center of the Chicago art scene.  We serve at once as a source of information and ideas, and as a reference site that everyone can use to keep track of upcoming events in the local art world, as well as up-to-date information about galleries, alternative venues, and other art-related topics.

Prices below are for individual offerings. To see “The Package”, which is a bundled discount we recommend for most cases, please click here for details.

Large “Slideshow” Ads:
Shown on homepage and All Main Pages ($400)

On the right side of the homepage, you can’t help but notice the “slideshow” – a cycle of 6 images – for a two week period.  This price includes the creation of a flash slideshow based on a company logo and five additional images. Placement is shown below.


Sponsored Posts ($400)


500 words and four images about your venue, product, or event. Either submit copy you’ve created yourself, or work with one of our third-party providers.  Once posted, it is pushed to Facebook, Twitter and other means of social networking. Our total following is over 10,000 “followers”, “friends”, email subscribers, etc.

A sponsored post is the best sponsorship position on the site, as they appear on the “featured carousel bar” at the top of the home page, and we only do two sponsored posts per week*, and we’d like them to only be for art venues. Sponsored posts are labeled as such, but get the same traffic as regular posts. Readers spend an average of two minutes on the page, meaning they actually read it. Each image, when clicked on, expands to full size (up to 800 x 800 pixels).


(images expand to full size when clicked on)

(*2 sponsored post per week – this is based on a ratio system of one sponsored post for every three “normal” editorial posts. 3+ sponsored posts may appear on a special week, like the fall art season openiner, but during those time, we increase the regular, editorial content as well and maintain the ratio).

Other Advertising Opportunities

The Map and Calendar Ads on ($150 each)
The average reader spends 5 minutes using this tool, and your ad persists at the bottom. Every week we create weekend picks for the local art enthusiast, which draws readers to the map and calendar.


Chicago Art Map


Chicago Art Calendar

“30-Second Documentaries” (aka Commercials)


Martin Jon, our video specialist, has determined that we can shoot, edit, produce and upload a very short film about an upcoming exhibit in less than 24 hours.  This is a breakthrough effort that’s never been done before, and the very idea of having commercials (30-second documentaries) about an art gallery exhibit is a very exciting prospect. We have four templates to choose from, so you can focus on a particular exhibit or the venue in general. Included in the price is a copy of the video (and raw footage) that you are welcome to redistribute as you wish (including uploading to YouTube or posting on your own site).


(Simulation only, not an actual Chicago Art Magazine video.)

Monthly Mailing ($200)

Not only do we have the greatest hand-aggregated list, recently compiled and constantly updated and increased, but we also have much success in our readership: we score a full 10% higher than national industry averages for people who actually open the email.

We only do this once a month, and only one ad per mailing, so it’s a very special spot.  It includes a thumbnail image and 70 words of text embedded in the monthly email.

iPhone App ($1,000)

The Art Map and Calendar Tool go mobile! Only one sponsor will be included on the iPhone app, which will be a free download. Their gallery logo will remain on the screen at all times and be included in all marketing materials and promotions of the feature.  Payments will be done in installments as development milestones are met. Sponsorship remains in place for a minimum of 9 months, renewable for version 2.


iPhone App Simulation

To purchase:
Contact Kathryn Born at Payments by check or Paypal.