Chicago Art Magazine: The Archive and the People Who Saved It

The Two-year Fund to Fortress the Archive

Chicago Art Magazine closed down in April of 2012. The site, built on WordPress and a template that was created in 2008 has aged badly and become vulnerable to malware. The site went down twice and at one point the database (in which the articles are stored) was totally destroyed. It took time, effort and money, but the site was restored.

On October 30, we launched a crowdfunding campaign (see it here), and quickly reached and exceeded its funding goal.

On behalf of the writers, editors and artists whose work is housed on these webpages, we cannot begin to express our gratitude for this show of support. Below are some of the people who stepped forward to help.


Golden Patrons

Mario G Alberico – Artist, Advocate, Advisor. Mario is also the President & Executive Director of Gallery 119

Robin Dluzen – Dluzen gets patron level status because she will be part of the post-crowdfunding content and enhancements. She is a nationally-recognized art critic and artist based in Chicago.

Sergio Gomez – Owner/Director of 33 Contemporary Gallery and Curator/Director of Exhibitions at the Zhou B Art Center. He is patron, advisor and technical partner in the design of the future software system.

C-Level Patron Supporters

Mary Antonakos

Linda Dorman


Paul Klein

Barbara Koenen

Annie Morse

The Rescue Team

Joe Born

Carl Brown

Mia Capodilupo –  sculptor and installation artist, and an arts/archives administrator

Nelson Carvajal

Victor Cassidy – Art Critic

Marla Chandrika

Kate Drane

Brad Farwell

Ellen S Holtzblatt

Jeff Huebner

John Link

Ann Logue – a Chicagoan who likes art.

Ellen Soffer – Artist

Andrew Volk –  Michigan born, Chicago living, lover of Detroit sports. Internet entrepreneur specializing in web development and eCommerce. Interested in art, mental health and trying to be an all around decent human.

Jennifer Walters

Kathleen Waterloo – Artist

Tom Zulfurth – Zulfurth is always on my thank you list because he had the archive of the early New Art Examiner issues.