Weekly Pick: Katherine Desjardins at Kasia Kay Art Projects Gallery

This week, we’re looking forward to Katherine Desjardins’ performance at Kasia Kay. The super-localized, site-specific work involves the gallery, the artist and local meatpackers, all of whom are living and working in the Fulton Market Meatpacking District of the West Loop.

Katherine Desjardins Solo Project: A Provisional Proposition

April 5-10, 2012

Performance/Reception with the artist: Saturday, April 7, 5-7pm.

Desjardins creates a site-specific drawing/performance at the intersection of art, meat, and commerce.

Her Chicago debut/performance/mashup on Saturday April 7th brings together a trio of meat packers and a 100-foot drawing with the intention to delight and confound.

Since arriving in Chicago from Boston in 2007, Katherine Desjardins has trained her eye on the city’s industrial/agricultural complex as a nexus of transitivity rich with possibility as both metaphor for the provisionality of painting  (and its relation to commerce)–as well as an experience of the urban sublime. This recent work is experiential: about transition from one place to another, cultural juxtaposition, and the collision between raw and refined, familiar and unknowable material.

Solo Project: Provisional Proposition at Kasia Kay marks Desjardins’ first solo project in Chicago.

Born in New York City, Katherine Desjardins grew up in Rhode Island and has spent much of her life abroad (Sweden, France, Japan; ten years in Italy). She was recently awarded a fellowship to the Bogliasco Foundation in Genova, Italy, where she will be in residence in the late Spring 2012. National/International exhibitions include: Biagiotti Progetto Arte, Florence Italy; DeCordova Museum, MA; M.Y. Art Prospects, NYC. Awards include: Mass Cultural Council; Berkshire-Taconic ART Award; Visiting Artist, American Academy in Rome. She is currently a full-time Lecturer in the Department of Visual Arts at the University of Chicago. She is represented by the Boston Drawing Project at Carroll and Sons, Boston. Desjardins lives with her husband, composer Lee Hyla, in Chicago’s Fulton Market meat packing district.

Kasia Kay Art Projects Gallery is located at 215 N. Aberdeen St. Chicago. info@kasiakaygallery.com