Weekly Pick: “I Surrender” at devening projects + editions


This weekend, we’re excited to see I Surrender, a group exhibition celebrating the 5 year anniversary of devening projects + editions. Congratulations on 5 years!

The exhibition opens on Sunday, March 11, from 4 – 7.

“In February 2007, we opened to the public with Preview, a selection of works by Zak Prekop, Rodney Carswell, Jin Lee, Christopher Wool, Joe Hardesty, Susanne Doremus, Adam Pendleton and several other artists scheduled to appear in future exhibitions. It presumed the direction of the gallery and established the complex blend of form and concept that continues to define the gallery’s position today. We’ve presented over a hundred international artists as varied and noteworthy as Wade Guyton, Cheryl Donegan, Franz West, Anders Ruhwald, Roman Signer, Michael Pfisterer, Andreas Karl Schulze, Felix Malnig, Dianna Frid, Richard Rezac, Gary Stephan, Dorothee Joachim, Monika Bartholome, Volker Saul, Cary Smith, Peter Otto and many others in roughly 40 exhibitions. We look forward to the next few years and working with artists who bring tough and spirited work the program.

Scott Wolniak

“Like PreviewI Surrender suggests something of the future for the gallery. New work by Albrecht Fuchs, DAS INSTITUT, b. wurtz, Lucas Blalock, Nathaniel Robinson, Julia Hechtman, Rosalyn Schwartz, Heiner Blumenthal, Gerd Borkelmann, Melissa Pokorny, Scott Wolniak, Tom Meacham, Peter Otto, Cora Cohen, Gary Stephan and others point to the many ways in which the communication of information, form and conceptual structures are active today. DAS INSTITUT’s self-referentiality and focus on collaborative, site-specific actions negotiates how social and cultural politics exist today. In Alphabet Soup, Nathaniel Robinson’s enigmatic reflection on language plays on our ability–or inability–to access and understand information distribution systems. b. wurtz’s very modest sculptures have the poetic means to convey the emotional weight of something much more physically substantive; his work moves with the slightest of gestures. Lucas Blalock is a young artist whose photographic work reflects a temporal lag more familiar in snap shots from the 1940s or 1950s. Julia Hechtman’s hand-blown, glass worry stones elicit a direct physical and comforting sensation; they’re meant to be held, touched and used. Gary Stephan’s recent works on paper show a well established artist working in his prime with images and spatial constructions as tough and immediate as the work he did in the 70s, 80s and 90s. Scott Wolniak is showing Flag, a piece that could easily function as the index for the entire exhibition. Flag is an object of struggle; the dejected subject of the imposition of the artist’s will. Torqued, beaten, forced into submission, this sculpture has neither won the battle nor conceded to its creator. It functions as a sign for the creative act and offers insight into many of the works presented in I Surrender.”

–devening projects + editions

The gallery is located at 3039 West Carroll, Chicago