Artist Websites Web Services + Training for Updates

UPDATE: Since I posted this,  two people have asked “After you build the site, can you teach me how to maintain it on my own?”   The answer is yes, and better than endless email threads, we make custom video tutorials for basics (like swapping out images and changing text) and will make additional tutorials as needed, where we walk you through your question or problems, and then you have the link to the video on file if you want to change your site months later. 

This is one of the options for your $350 dollar site.

Artists don’t need more paintbrushes, they need a decent website. The team behind Chicago Art Magazine can build artist websites for only $350! For a flat fee of $350, plus $4.99 a month for GoDaddy hosting, an actual human being who knows a lot about art and making websites will whip up a simple, 6 page website for you. We’ll show you a few options to choose from, and we’ll pull it together in one professional looking, customized website package.

Have a lousy former web designer you can’t even find and can’t even begin to think about how you’d start to rebuild? Included in the package is complimentary “find your old admin and shake them down to get the passwords back” service.

People keep saying “it’s easy to build your own website”. We beg to differ; we’ve found that for most people, it’s something of a pain in the butt, they feel they have paid their previous web designer too much for too little, and don’t have the foggiest idea of how to design a site. Even site building tools, like WordPress and Weebly, still have a learning curve and it never goes as smoothly as they claim it will.

This is the completely awesome slideshow that you could have online


If you sign up and pay in advance, we’ll email you an awesome colorful letter that you can print out and not show up empty handed and look like a schmuck without a gift. 


We will only take 5 orders in 2011, so first come, first served.