Chicago Art Map: Openings Jan 13-15, 2012

Below is a listing from Chicago Art Map of gallery openings taking place this weekend, January 13th – 15th.

-Friday January, 13th-

The Wrocław School of Printmaking

Chicago Cultural Center
78 E. Washington St.

Opening reception January 13th, 5:30-7:30PM
Closes January 25th

The Wroclaw School of Printmaking is a wide-ranging exhibition that fills all three Michigan Avenue Galleries. Featuring print-based works by faculty members of the Printmaking Department at the Eugeniusz Geppert Academy of Art and Design in Wroclaw, Poland, the exhibition provides a comprehensive overview of the variety of printmaking techniques and sources of inspiration employed by the artists of the Wroclaw School.



Roots and Culture
1034 N. Milwaukee Ave.
Noble Square

Opening reception January 13th, 6-9PM
Closes January 16th

Emily Clayton’s recent work began as a series informed by sunsets, occult photography and stage curtains. Charged with spacial impossibilities, each are asking the viewer for the same thing, to willfully suspend disbelief. Distilling from this a sense of illusion and visual deception, the works are reduced to an atmospheric gradient of color. The series examines the two dimensional plane of an artificial horizon in relation to the stage and studio photography. They are backdrops, scenery, simulated landscapes all void of subject or performer. Situated within the historical tenet of process driven practices the work aims to exhibit a calculated control of material and form. Eileen Mueller%u2019s work focuses on the material history of the photographic image and its role in confounding unwritten or inaccessible histories. Her latest work links her own practice within communal educational spaces and the historic progeny of the Bauhaus, Black Mountain College. While making a pilgrimage to Black Mountain, Mueller sought out the vistas wherein the landscape served as an emulsion, fixing the ghosts of American Modernism. Through embedding her own images into an anomic archive that also contains material mined from historic materials she poeticizes existing histories to build a mythology of the artist.


Nikki Renee Anderson: Secret Bodies

Dubhe Carreno
118 N. Peoria St. 2nd Fl.

Opening reception January 13th, 5-8PM
Closes February 11th

Secret Bodies is a series that explores the garden as a private setting. I am interested in the way the garden becomes a space for growth, renewal and transformation. I have memories from childhood of going outside into the garden by myself early in the morning. I knew all of the flowers that could be smelled, touched and even eaten…



The Mission
1431 W. Chicago Ave 60601
West Loop

Opening reception January 13th, 6-9PM
Closes February 23rd

Susan Giles, Jeroen Nelemans, David Salkin SUPERSTRUCTURES brings together three artists who deconstruct the ideologies inherent in our built environment. Susan Giles, Jeroen Nelemans, and David Salkin present new works that examine our experiences of cities, buildings, and nature, as well as the cultural conventions of their representation.


Wayne White / Toni Hafkenscheid / Steve Armstrong

Packer Schopf Gallery
942 W. Lake St.
West Loop

Opening reception January 13th, 5-8PM
Closes February 18th

As an artist Wayne White is known for his paintings of faux 3D visual text over second-hand, mass-produced lithographs. Non-sequitur phrases, and distorted advertising blurbs are executed Ruscha-esque style into inside jokes and non-jokes. The result is stimulating with the juxtaposition of painting versus text. In addition to his activities as a visual artist, White has acted as illustrator and cartoonist for several publications, and as director, producer, writer, designer, and puppeteer for Pee-wee’s Playhouse. He is also well known for his commercial work and music videos, including art direction for the Smashing Pumpkins music video Tonight Tonight, and art direction for Peter Gabriel’s music video Big Time. Wayne White lives and works in LA. A full color monograph on the artist is available, produced and edited by Todd Oldham. We are very excited for White’s solo debut in Chicago.


F*ck Em

310 N. Peoria st. Chicago, IL 60607
West Loop

Opening reception January 13th, 6PM
Closes February 3rd

FM*Gallery is pleased to present a themed group show of works by selected gallery artists Cesar Conde, Mark Hansen, Eileen Miller, Rory Coyne, Melanie Brown, CJ Hungerman, Hebru Brantley, Joshua Backus, Andrew Rauhauser, Dominic Sansone, Franklin Riley, and guest artists Archangelo Crelencia and Christie Helm Each artist has been invited to create 2 identical sized pieces of artwork – the first, with a F*ck Em theme, will be on display starting Dec 9th. The artists were open to interpret the theme however they like… They will then “artistically ask” for your forgiveness when their second piece is unveiled at the Forgive Me show and reception on Jan 13th.


Dualities: Barnum and Aono

Eyeporium Gallery
1431 N. Milwaukee Ave.
Wicker Park

Opening reception January 13th, 7-9PM
Closes February 29th

Eyeporium Gallery proudly presents works by Brenda Barnum and Joanne Aono. Barnum’s abstractions glisten with luxuriously applied paint. Her palette is earthy and serious while her titles and shapes reveal tongue in cheek whimsy. The paintings explode with energy barely held within the canvas. Aono’s diptychs are comprised of text and image. As counter-point to Barnum, Aono’s drawings are exquisitely realistic. The drawings are so lean and serene one can get lost in the depth of atmosphere. Similarity and identity are contrasted with individuality and assimilation stemming from her experiences as a twin and her cultural identity as a Japanese-American.


New Formalisms 2: Curated by Abraham Ritchie

1378 W. Grand Ave.
East Village

Opening reception January 13th, 7-10PM
Closes February 11th

Featuring Samantha Bittmann, Todd Chilton, Steven Husby, Melissa Oresky The follow up to the 2009 exhibition “Beautiful Form” at 65GRAND, “New Formalisms 2” continues to explore painters making strongly geometric work. As indicated by the title, this exhibition indicates new directions in formal painting.

-Saturday January, 14th-

Hinge Gallery Group Exhibit

Hinge Gallery
1955 W. Chicago Avenue Chicago, IL 60622
Ukranian Village

Opening reception January 14th, 6-9PM
Closes January 25th

Corydon Cowansage Aaron Delehanty Brent Houston Charles Mahaffee MaryKate Maher Ryan Richey Performance piece by Chris Lin and Ryan Richey of Hannis Pannis. Hinge Gallery is pleased to announce the opening of a group exhibition featuring the work of six notable emerging artist curated by Hinge Gallery. This exhibition will include painting, drawing, and sculpture.

-Sunday January, 15th-


ACRE Projects
1913 W 17th St Chicago, IL 60608
Ukranian Village

Opening reception January 15th, 4-8PM
Closes January 16th

OTHER FLOWERS is made up of a series of manipulated cross-stitch patterns on paper. The patterns were found in a town near to the site of the ACRE artist residency in rural Wisconsin and were hand-sewn with embroidery floss, which was dyed using a variety of plants from the property. Using these patterns as a starting point, the work magnifies the tension between abstraction and representation present in traditional needlework. By repeating and collaging pieces from the larger patterns into new forms, the past is obscured but always present in the work. The muted colors mimic a connection to place and history faded by time and memory. Open Hours: Monday, Jan 16, noon-4pm


Sari Maxfield, Ghosh and Kimek and Jungmin Park

ARC Gallery
832 W. Superior St. #204
River West

Opening reception January 15th, 2-5PM
Closes January 28th

ARC would like to invite you to a thoughful and diverse new exhibit displaying the works of Sari Maxfield, Ghosh and Kimek and Jungmin Park. Gallery hours: Wed to Sat 12-6 pm, and Sun. 12-4 pm