New Chicago Galleries, 2011

Below is a comprehensive directory of new Chicago art venues for 2011 taken from our New and Closed Galleries listing page.

New Venues 2011

Alderman Exhibitions (January 2011) – Ukrainian Village
Alderman Exhibitions aims to provide emerging artists, architects and designers with a place to show their work, collaborate across disciplines and foster dialogue.  The program is enthusiastically elastic and experimental with a focus on tasting/testing/plying & challenging methods of display.

CourtneyBlades (Summer 2011) – Ukrainian Village
CourtneyBlades is always accepting proposals from curators, artists, and creative individuals.  Proposals can be sent to proposals@courtneyblades.com For further information contact info@courtneyblades.com

Hinge Gallery (July 2011) – Ukrainian Village
The mission of Hinge Gallery is to support emerging contemporary artists of the highest quality from Chicago as well as around the world. Hinge Gallery is a commercial exhibition space featuring painting, mixed media, prints, sound, video, sculpture, and installation.

The Meadow! (July 2011) –Ravenswood
The Meadow is a tiny, storefront art gallery and project space in Chicago, IL. The gallery is located at 2858 W. Montrose Ave in Chicago. The Meadow is run by Roxanne Smith and Alex Calhoun.  If you are interested in proposing an exhibition idea, please email Alex and Roxanne at themeadowgallery@gmail.com.

Parallax Gallery (August 2011) – Loop
Inspired in its naming by the astronomical shift in perception that takes place dependent on one’s location in space, Parallax Gallery is the newest Student Union Galleries temporary exhibition space at SAIC, opening in the Columbus Drive building in the former Betty Rymer Gallery location. The Betty Rymer Gallery is now part of the SAIC’s Sullivan Galleries located on the 7th floor of the Sullivan Center.

Mink & Arce (September 2011) – Andersonville
Mink & Arce Gallery is dedicated to introducing artists of quality to the Chicago area and beyond, artists who are not yet known nationally but who already have a successful exhibition history. Watch the news for updates concerning our openings, our participation in art fairs, and for our sponsorships of special events.  Each artist participating in this first series of exhibits has a history of solo and group shows across the country.

Public Works Gallery (September 2011) – Wicker Park
Public Works is a contemporary art gallery featuring artists whose work transcends the ubiquitous art/design dialectic.  Our artists are producers within the pocket of independent preoccupations that so efficiently fuel creative industry. By bucking convention and erasing delineations between work and art, these artists widen our common aesthetic landscape and map newly-imagined frontiers – it’s the present and the future of visual expression.

Terrain Exhibitions (September 2011) – Oak Park
Joining the thriving group of artist-run exhibition spaces, Terrain is a new public space in Oak Park, IL started by artist Sabina Ott. Terrain is dedicated to featuring interventions into the conventional landscape of a front yard by emerging as well as established artists who have been invited to create a site – specific work. Artists are chosen for their ability to make artworks that challenge the space between public and private, decoration and function, figure and ground.

DePaul Art Museum (September 2011) – Lincoln Park
The DePaul University Art Museum extends the institution’s commitments to excellence, diversity and social concerns through innovative exhibitions, programs, and events that analyze the variety and depth of artistic expression. The Museum acquires, preserves and displays the University’s diverse and growing collection of works of art. Its exhibitions, programs and collections engage the wide expertise represented in the University’s community of knowledge, giving visible and accessible form to the intellectual and creative work of faculty and students through collaborative exploration of cultural production.

Paper Crown Gallery (October 2011) – Northwest Suburbs
Our vision is to create a social, creative environment by working with local schools and artists with a particular style of work. We feel that artists, like ourselves, have always been forced to the city because this type of work isn’t appreciated in the suburbs. Well, it is…we just needed a place to put it all besides another website.

 Good News Only (November 2011) – Edgewater
The mission of this nonprofit art gallery is to teach local youth how to manage a fine art gallery and thus build their critical thinking and work-study skills, to unite various socio-economic groups in the community, and to develop public art around Chicago.