Chicago Artist Database – Recently Added Artists

To encourage artists to upload their work to the Chicago Artist Database, we will be featuring five recently added artists on Chicago Art Magazine.  You can add yourself to the database here. (Note: the system is buggy and we don’t provide tech support, so read the uploading directions carefully.)

Yvonne Pitts is an artist who lives in North Chicago. Art was always her favorite subject throughout grade school and high school. She went on to obtain an Associates of Art degree from the College of Lake County. Although her profession is in the world of IT, she has continued to create and share her artwork in the form of Impressionistic Abstract painting using acrylics, watercolor pencils, occasionally oils and a variety of mixed media on canvas.

Daryl Hudson – I work with oil paint, watercolor, pastel, and charcoal. I have no formal art training; I just draw and paint what I see (or what I imagine).

Lora Delestowicz-Wierzbowski – From my first work, my focus has been on my environment, both past and immediate. I am a native Chicagoan. I’ve lived many other places, but returned here again and again. I produce art about the places I’ve lived/live in, and the people I’ve known/know. I always have a sketchbook and/or camera, so I am constantly drawing/taking pictures. Some of these develop into paintings. Light and color are my primary interest; both light and color evoke deep emotional responses. I try to show the exquisiteness of the things we look at every day: the view from our window, your walk to work, and the #35 bus route.

Melanie P. Brown – As a painter and printmaker, she is the Director of the Children’s Department at Lillstreet, where she also teaches painting and drawing in the adult program. She received her MFA at the American University in Washington, D.C., where she learned traditonal painting and painting from observation, and where she spent time wandering through the National Gallery observing the works of the great masters. Since that time, she has developed a unique style in her narrative subject matter while using traditional materials and techniques.