Chicago Artist Database – Recently Added Artists

To encourage artists to upload their work to the Chicago Artist Database, we will be featuring five recently added artists on Chicago Art Magazine.  You can add yourself to the database here. (Note: the system is buggy and we don’t provide tech support, so read the uploading directions carefully.)


Bill Frederick
is a Chicago-based visual artist. His junk-food-and-caffeine-fueled paintings use his preoccupations with friends, family, history, and geography—together with a nagging sense of dread—to reflect his experience of living. Drawn from imagination, photography, and personal observation, his intensely rendered paintings are an expressive and metaphorical response to the world. He uses the simple materials of brush, ink, watercolor, and paper.

Gina Lee Robbins has been handbuilding sculptural ceramic work for 18 years. She works primarily with stoneware, fired in a gas kiln to Cone 10, but experiments with firing temperatures, techniques, and clay bodies. Her work is informed by the rich texture and subtle irregularities found in the simple organic forms that make up our natural world. She has exhibited and participated in workshops in North Carolina, Florida and the greater Chicago area. She lives outside of Chicago with her husband and two children.

Chris Silva – I am a passionate individual trying to live a life that gives priority to following my creative muse while contributing positively to the evolution of the collective. I see art as a way of thinking and acting in the world rather than merely a stylistic or material practice. I am concerned with how people relate to the self, to each other and to their environment. I am saddened by cruelty, xenophobia and greed. I aim to give artistic presence to my humanity and concern. I believe that collective consciousness is infinitely more important than individual ego. My priority as an artist is not to receive accolades and praise for my talents, but rather to inspire others to help to create a just and meaningful world. I am more interested in seeing what “we” can do than showing what “I” can do.

Lily Lihting Li Kostrzewa was born in Taiwan in 1965 and studied at National Taiwan Normal University, Taipei. After twenty-five years in Taiwan, she moved to United States. Her formal education includes MFA degree in Modern painting, MA degree in Computer Graphics, BFA degree in Chinese Art and Art Education teaching certificate. Lily’s paintings have been exhibited in solo and group exhibitions internationally, including those at the Historical Museum of Infantry, Rome, Italy; ArtPrize in Grand Rapids, MI; The Urban Institute for Contemporary Arts, Grand Rapids, MI; UNESCO Art Gallery, Athens, Greece, Lansing Art Gallery, MI, International Art Expo New York City, Ben Navaee Gallery, Toronto, Canada, Hibiscus Children’s Center, Palm Beach, FL, Los Angeles Center for Digital Art, CA and Hsin-chu Culture Center, Taiwan. Lily has created paintings and design for private and public settings for many individuals, businesses and organizations, including the Pier 1 Imports headquarters.

Jane Albright – A productive artist who creates energetic visionscapes which she has termed “Energetic Portraits” TM. As a professionally trained clairevoyant Energy Reader, Jane attunes herself to a person or a place and paints the energy that comes through. Each portrait is as different as each person and place. Each painting carries some kind of spiritual “hello” or healing experience for the participant. Although most of Jane’s work is commissioned, she stills shows various pieces that are for sale along with sharing the visual experience of her latest Energetic Portraits throughout the year.