Chicago Artist Database – Recently Added Artists

To encourage artists to upload their work to the Chicago Artist Database, we will be featuring five recently added artists on Chicago Art Magazine.  You can add yourself to the database here. (Note: the system is buggy and we don’t provide tech support, so read the uploading directions carefully.)

Peggy Schutze Shearn
is a painter, printmaker and graphic designer, Peggy Shearn creates work that raises questions about written language, and how we process imagery through the media and art. She has exhibited in Chicago and the suburbs and regularly posts images on her blog at http://ArtOffTheGrid.blogspot.com

Allison Liffman is a local Chicago artist. She specializes in fine art and illustration using acrylic, oil, watercolor, collage and mixed media to produce very vibrant images. Her paintings are very modern with traditional elements. Subject matters include florals, landscapes, female figures and forms. During her education at Syracuse University, she experimented with new techniques, concepts and materials while working toward a degree in Fine Art.

Mario Albericois an Artist, Advocate and Advisor. A lifelong resident of the Chicago area, her received his BA in Art History from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. He is also an adult survivor of pediatric cancer. Diagnosed in 1977 with a rare form of bone cancer called Ewing’s Sarcoma, it was the start of his senior year in high school when he began a two-year clinical trial of experimental chemotherapy and radiation treatment under the care of Dr. Edward Baum at Chicago’s Children’s Memorial Hospital. Because he was studying as an artist in high school, making artworks became a creative outlet to capture the emotional experience of a life with cancer. The experimental treatment resulted in a spiritual catharsis that led to a numinous experience of God while painting. He then began exploring his faith while capturing the essence of trees and crosses as metaphors for living his life as a cancer survivor.

Marilyn Propp is a Chicago-based artist and the co-founder of Anchor Graphics. Her paintings reflect the clash/coexistence between the industrial and the natural worlds. The oil on wood paintings are made up of individual puzzle pieces which form a circle, with ongoing movement and morphing between organic life and references to engine and machine parts. Living and working in Chicago, she seeks out industrial forms which are a part of her everyday experience, collecting crushed tailpipes and other metal detritus found in alleys and streets which assist in her visual thinking. She has exhibited widely throughout the US and in Mexico.

Work by Baltazar Castillo.