Chicago Art Map: Openings Nov 3-6, 2011

Below is a listing from Chicago Art Map of gallery openings taking place this weekend, November 3rd – 6th.

-Thursday November, 3rd-

Robin Dluzen: Artist’s Night Reception

Dunlays on the Square
3137 West Logan Blvd
Logan Square

Opening reception November 3rd, 7PM

There will be drink specials!



Chicago Photography Collective
29 E. Madison St.

Opening reception November 3rd
Closes November 26th

The photographs in Structure examine the various ways in which we respond to physical structures and changes in their landscape, environment and city. Structural changes, while physical in nature often elicit emotional responses from mourners of a lost time. Whether these places be homes, places of entertainment or forgotten buildings, they are our connection to our history and past experiences. Each of the four photographers in the exhibition examines how a landscape can seem stagnant but can also be altered forever with the building up or tearing down of a place. In what ways do we hold onto our past through such tangible structures- and at what point does a place become a monument to a time that may soon be forgotten?


-Friday November, 4th-

“INFINITE NETS”, ceramic sculptures BY Phyllis Kudder Sullivan and “For tea” a group exhibition of sculptural teapots by more than 50 nationally acclaimed artists

Dubhe Carreno
118 N. Peoria St. 2nd Fl.

Opening reception November 4th, 5-9PM
Closes December 23rd

CHICAGO (West Loop) New York based ceramic artist and professor of art at Long Island University, Phyllis Kudder Sullivan, will exhibit a new body of work in a show entitled “Infinite Nests” at Dubhe Carre


Gary Briechle, “Photographs”

Catherine Edelman
300 W. Superior St.
River North

Opening reception November 4th, 5-7PM
Closes December 1st

The wrinkle of an aging hand; the piercing eyes of a young girl at the edge of puberty; the solitude of a young man resting his head along the water’s edge — these are some of the quiet moments captured by Gary Briechle, who makes Collodion wet-plate enlargements of his family, friends and strangers in the small towns and rugged terrain that hug the Maine coast. With great patience and care, Briechle photographs the details that make us unique, celebrating the beauty and imperfections of the human form. These are luscious photographs made with a 19th century process which forces an intimacy between the photographer and subject, to which the viewer is a privileged witness.



David Weinberg Gallery
300 W. Superior St.
River North

Opening reception November 4th, 4-8PM
Closes March 16th

Adrift is a photographic journey that began as a technological exploration. In 2008 Weinberg completed his series Currents and Tides. With this series Weinberg utilized infrared digital technology for the first time to create a mood where the viewer perceives an altered state that is only an expansion of one’s true physical reality.


2nd Annual Masters of Contemporary Woodturning Exhibition

Vale Craft Gallery
230 W. Superior St.
River North

Opening reception November 4th, 5-8PM
Closes November 26th

The exhibition will feature sculptural works and vessels by North American artists Malcolm Tibbetts, Molly Winton, Douglas J. Fisher, Stephen Hatcher, Carole Floate, Art Liestman, Cindy Drozda, Andy DiPietro, David Belser, Andi Wolfe, Geoffrey Ames, and Alan Carter. Woodturning has experienced an explosion of creativity and technical expertise over the past few decades. Advances in tool technology, machinery, and the sheer innovative power of truly thinking outside the box have made possible mind-boggling expressions of ingenuity and art. The exhibition, Masters of Contemporary Woodturning will focus on the sheer scope and stunning variety of work hewn from that most plentiful of raw materials.


Jackie Tileston, “Parastrata” New Paintings

ZG Gallery
300 W. Superior St.
River North

Opening reception November 4th, 5:30-8PM
Closes December 1st

Zg Gallery is pleased to present Jackie Tileston’s fourth solo show Parastrata. An American, born in the Philippines and raised in India, London and Paris, Tileston’s new series of paintings continue to incorporate the diverse elements from both eastern and western aesthetics, creating a visual metaphor for her multi-cultural upbringing. Through the use of oil, dry pigment, enamel, collage and transfer items, Tileston’s paintings are rich combinations of texture, tone, gesture and control.


Jamie Adams and Jin Soo Kim

325 W. Huron St.
River North

Opening reception November 4th, 5-8PM
Closes January 21st

“… to ask the night those questions as to what, and why, and wherefore…” Also on view: Two ceramic objects by Richard Notkin.


Images In Black And White

Jennifer Norback Fine Art, Inc.
217 W. Huron Ave.
River North

Opening reception November 4th, 5-8PM
Closes December 10th

The exhibition includes new etchings of Paris by Michael Goro, photographs of Lake Michigan by Barry Wolf, and portraits by Cindy Bernhard.


FIND by Mays Mayhew: Lust

Morpho Gallery
5216 N. Damen Ave.

Opening reception November 4th, 6-10PM
Closes November 17th

Morpho Gallery proudly presents new work from artist Mays Mayhew in her solo exhibition FIND, opening Nov. 4. In new paintings Mayhew explores the question: how do we fall in and out of love? Mayhew works in conceptual narration, using the tradition of figurative oil painting to ask questions about contemporary life, and also adding contemporary components such as rhinestones to some of the paintings.


Brian Dettmer, Paper Back

Packer Schopf Gallery
942 W. Lake St.
West Loop

Opening reception November 4th, 5-8PM
Closes November 20th

Closing Reception: Sunday, Nov 20, 2-5pm At 3pm.


Oye Chica!

The Mission
1431 W. Chicago Ave 60601
West Loop

Opening reception November 4th, 6-9PM
Closes December 16th

The Mission is pleased to present Oye Chica!, an exhibition of the female form. The female figure is perhaps the most significant theme in art history. Throughout the ages, artists have poetically depicted the female form to express heartfelt and culturally universal concepts of love, beauty, femininity, sexuality and desire to metaphorically to represent abstracted concepts of nature, politics, and the issues of everyday life.


Julie Meridian, Photography: Nature Still-life in Light and Shadow and Beverly Zawitkoski, Abstract Moodscapes of Mixed-media Painting

ZIA | Gallery
548 Chestnut St. Winnetka 60093

Opening reception November 4th, 5-7:30PM

We anticipate another moving exhibition. You’ll hear more about these artists next week. Please mark your calendars now to attend their opening reception. Both artists will be present. Sensitive, rich art awaits viewership, and lovely appetizers will entice. The exhibition continues through December 3. http://www.ziagallery.net/meridian.html http://www.ziagallery.net/zawitkoski.html


Crossing the Rubikon

Johalla Projects
1821 west Hubbard suite 110

Opening reception November 4th, 7-11PM

You’re invited to the showcasing of Zeb Arrington, Jon Chacon, Alyssa Chappe, Julia Cuddy, Andrew Green, Angel Harrold, Carson Hoerz, Mira Ishii, Vivian Kvitka, Joan Laser, Elliott Mickleburgh, Sandra Nazz, Jannah Tate, Wei Hsinyen, and Marie Westoff’s works at Johalla Projects (1821 West Hubbard, Suite 110). Video screening from 8:00pm – 8:45pm Performance by Hsinyen Wei from 9:00pm – 11:00pm


-Saturday November, 5th-

Wyatt Grant, Lionel Guzman, and Jared Silbert

HungryMan Gallery
2135 N. Rockwell St.
Logan Square

Opening reception November 5th, 7-11PM
Closes December 18th

With the constant proliferation of newer, faster, more sophisticated modern technology, communication is rapidly changing. The traditional forms of the written word have become less prevalent, often being overshadowed by images and slang. Symbols are used as signifiers in place of sentences in conversation. Strangely, the more advanced communication technology becomes, we are increasingly turning to ancient manners of communication and the formalities of written communication, such as grammar, are rendered archaic.



KMV Gallery
John Hancock Center 875 North Michigan Avenue, Suite 2515, Chicago IL 60611, USA

Opening reception November 5th, 6-9PM
Closes December 24th

Influenced by the eyes of modern art, none of which is more powerful than the transfixing, mysterious gaze that holds the viewer to experience the human condition. The title EYES WIDE SHUT creates an illogical combination of perception, intending to express irony.


-Sunday November, 6th-


Experimental Sound Studio
5925 N. Ravenswood

Opening reception November 6th, 3PM

PERFORMANCES BEGIN AT 3PM ADMISSION: $5 Brian Labycz is an improviser hailing from Chicago primarily performing with electronics. Currently working with a modular synthesizer he has also utilized a range of sources such as acoustic instruments, digital manipulations, field recordings, and self-made devices to produce and explore various expressive forms. With a primary focus on improvisation his aim is to produce dynamic gestures with electronics in a live setting. The goal is to transcend gadgetry to arrive at a fully realized performance instrument. Working as a soloist and in various group settings he has performed and released work in the US and Japan. He has also organized events in Chicago and abroad and is actively hosting the Myopic Improvised Music Series as well as the Protest Series at Heaven Gallery. http://brianlabycz.com Ayako Kato, originally from Japan, works on interdisciplinary and experimental collaborations between dance artists, musicians, visual artists and video artists since 1998 as an individual dance artist as well as a production company Art Union Humanscape. Kato and the company received awards and honors for their choreographic works, improvisation works and Kato’s study on dance anatomy with Irene Dowd. Since fall 2010, she is an artist in residence at Hamlin Park Fieldhouse Theater as part of Chicago Moving Company’s Dance Shelter Program. Kato organizes a dance series, currently called Dance Union, in Chicago since fall 2008.


WAX/WANE // new work by Liz McCarthy

ACRE Projects
1913 W 17th St Chicago, IL 60608
Ukranian Village

Opening reception November 6th, 4-9PM

WAX / WANE is a collection of images exploring personal connection to the moon and its cyclical time. This body of work consists of photographs of the full moon with interpretive drawing on the surface and twelve drawings illustrating the artist’s association to each full moon that occurred this year, based on the Algonquin and Farmer’s Almanac moon calendars.