Chicago Art Map: Openings Nov 17-20, 2011

Below is a listing from Chicago Art Map of gallery openings taking place this weekend, November 17th – 20th.

-Thursday November, 17th-

The Daily Weaving Constitution: From Text to Textile

Gallery X
280 South Columbus Drive

Opening reception November 17th, 4-6PM
Closes December 16th

An exhibition by Charles Schneider, Alexandra Milukhin and Arin Han

The Daily Weaving Constitution is a collaborative project that conflates the act of reading and processing the daily news through the act of weaving within a conceptual rule-based system. In the project, Charles Schneider (MFA 2012), Arin Han (MFA 2012), and Alexandra Milukhin (MFA 2012) reunite text and textiles, words that are linked both etymologically and historically, suggesting an exploration of the texture of our world.


Baring Investigation

Parallax Gallery
280 South Columbus Drive

Opening reception November 17th, 4-6PM
Closes December 16th

A SUGs Juried Group Exhibition, Featuring the work of: Kayla Anderson, Ben Thorp Brown, Lauren Cooney, Kelsey Dalton, Max Garett, Suzanne Reid, Robert Seckler, Elena Tejada-Herrera, Ellis von Sternberg, and Alexander Wolfe.

Although research is an important part of many artists’ practice, the absence of research material in completed work cultivates the image of the impulsive and spontaneous artist. Baring Investigation is a response to this, an attempt to rethink what the word “research” can mean to both artist and audience. Whether it is through a formal investigation of materials or the historical dialogue embedded within the conceptual gathering of information and source, many of the works in the exhibition address the body – both human and animal – in its absence, its particulars, or the assumption of its form. The corporeal presence in the room is simultaneously uncertain and assertive. As such, the spatial distance between pieces becomes a bodily experiment that asks viewers to investigate their own position to the work, questioning the ability research has to mediate, limit or expand our reception of both the presence and absence of the body.


Geometrically Speaking II

River Bank Lofts
550 N Kingsbury St Chicago, IL 60654
River North

Opening reception November 17th, 6-8PM
Closes February 17th

Abryant Gallery presents: Geometrically Speaking II Modern art has a rich history with geometric shapes thanks to artists like Sol LeWitt , Frank Stella, Mondrian, and many others. In Geometrically Speaking II, artwork that utilizes geometric shapes as their central theme will be exhibited. Viewers will encounter the multi-layered stripped paintings of Melody Saraniti, an original alphabet composed solely of geometric shapes by Tom Burtonwood, and an octagonal-shaped sculpture composed of sweaters by Sam Jaffe. Featured Artists: Jerome Acks, Robert Burnier, Tom Burtonwood, Diana P. Gabriel, Brittney Hudgins, Sam Jaffe, Jeffrey Cote de Luna, Dominic Paul Moore, Nora Maite Nieves, Kristina Paabus, Melody Saraniti, and Rachel Smith Curated by Angela Bryant


Black Gossamer

Columbia College Glass Curtain Gallery
1104 S. Wabash Ave.
South Loop

Opening reception November 17th, 5-8PM
Closes February 11th

November 18: Gallery Artist Talk “Taboo Fashion and Chameleon Identities” with artists Aisha Bell and Ebony Patterson, 11-12:30pm.


-Friday November, 18th-

GOMEZ/ WILSON: Windows and Mirrors

New Capital
3114 W. Carroll St. 60612
Garfield Park

Opening reception November 18th, 7-10PM

New Capital is proud to present our one-year anniversary exhibition. This exhibition seeks the logic of a cultural production raised in the habitus of post-pluralism. In the context of the contemporary, it is difficult to determine the nature of medium specificity. The color field of modernism has been expanded by minimalism and conceptualism to encompass the full scope of the Real, leaving the pictorial plane frameless. This condition is accepted a priori in the works of both Gomez and Wilson. Composed of no signal video screen blue, Norman Andrew Wilson uses projectors, monitors and mirrors to create a light installation in the downstairs gallery. He is, in a sense, a color field painter. However, it is the vacant light of no signal video blue being used, the antithesis of IKB. This blue is familiar yet quickly approaching obsolescence. In this work, there is no pretense towards transcendence or the timeless as in that of Turrell or even Eliasson. Shadowing behind the abstraction presented in the gallery, is a performance outside of the art vacuum. Wilson researches and purchases his installation materials as faux naif. He interacts with customer service representatives asking questions like, Why is the no-video signal blue? Wilson’s work fluidly occupies the gallery space and the world at large. Sayre Gomez presents a site-specific installation, by inserting a window directly into the gallery wall. Treated with a trompe l’oeil patina of the everyday, this window is a recreation of one found in a vacant L.A. store-front. Gomez uses the vernacular of fringe commerce, consumerism and the loose seams of the economy as medium. His object is familiar in our current urban landscape and foreign as an art object in the gallery; generic in reference, yet specific in execution. The pervasiveness of appropriation is apparent in the signature style developed in Gomez’s hand. Further, this work asks: If cultural relevancy must somehow contain its own irrelevance? Concurrently, Gomez will be presenting new works on canvas, thirty small works on paper, and a single graphite drawing at Kavi Gupta. Opening this Saturday, November 19 from 4 – 7pm.



2153 W. 21st St.

Opening reception November 18th, 6-9PM
Closes December 17th

Theodore Horner has been studying American History. He has been drawing portraits of 18th and 19th century presidents. He has also been collaborating with Jason Dunda. To ensure that his collection of portraits is cohesive, Theodore drew Jason as an 18th century man. Theodore’s decision asks something about the past and power, and the result is uncanny and funny as hell. Archer Bellas is 3 and very aware that his presence has power. Archer has fought his dad for the title artist. Benjamin Bellas works from his very personal stories, but has figured a way to tell the personal parts without that walked-in-on-him-in-the-bathroom revulsion. None of us is sure if Benjamin’s work is even in this show, but he worked with Archer, so it is nice to talk about him.


James M Smith and Charles Kurre

Perimeter Gallery
210 W. Superior St.
River North

Opening reception November 18th, 5-8PM
Closes December 1st

Perimeter Gallery has been located in the heart of Chicago’s River North Gallery district for 28 years. The Gallery features contemporary Painting, Sculpture, and works on paper by midcareer and emergent artists as well as master works in Ceramics and Fiber arts.


Seth Sher: Nominal Mystique

The Hills Esthetic Center
128 N. Campbell Ave.
Ukranian Village

Opening reception November 18th, 8-11PM
Closes December 1st

Performance by SETH SHER & MIKALE DE GRAFF: 10:30pm Open Hours: By Appointment Only ACRE and THE HILLS ESTHETIC CENTER present an opening reception on FRIDAY, NOV 18, 2011 from 8-11pm at 128 N Campbell Street, Chicago 60612. ACRE has partnered with THE HILLS ESTHETIC CENTER to host SETH SHER: NOMINAL MYSTIQUE, the next installment in ACRE’s year-long series of solo exhibitions by 2011 ACRE summer residents. This Event is in conjunction with a NEW CAPITAL opening, make sure you guys Check It out! NOMINAL MYSTIQUE is a play on the formality of art as visual experience and the idea that this experience can only be perceived as art when presented as such. An attempt to create aesthetic imagery acts only as a supplementary experience to its primary objective. In “Natural Being”, an interpretation of the musical/mystical concepts of inducing trance through shifting drones and cyclical polyrhythms Sher replaces traditional instruments with synthesizers controlled by MIDI sequences.



Co-Prosperity Sphere
3219 S. Morgan St.

Opening reception November 18th, 6-9PM
Closes November 19th

LIVE MUSIC STARTING AT 9:00PM to 11:00PM ($5 COVER AFTER 9:00PM) Work by: Ben Carney, Carl Baratta, Caroline Carlsmith, Daniel Everett, Grant Reynolds, Jake Myers, Jenn Wilson, Jenny Kendler, Jeriah Hildwine, Jesse Avina, Johana Wawro, Michael Garcia, Montgomery Perry Smith, Sam Sieger, Stephanie Burke, William Bacarella Calling Planeswalkers, Art Stalkers and Dice Haulers The Level Eater is an annual event hosted by the Co-Prosperity Sphere in collaboration with Pentagon. This 2nd annual event will focus on artists’ work that play with or have gained influence from Science Fiction or Fantasy. The work was all curated under the mission of Level Eater’s gaming retreat. There will be a selection of painting, drawing, sculpture, sound, photography and video. There will be also areas for viewers to participate and play fantasy games. Viewers are encouraged to bring any game they wish to share. There will be an assortment of games to also be played.


-Saturday November, 19th-

Leif Elggren

Graham Foundation
4 W. Burton Pl.
Lincoln Park

Opening reception November 19th, 8PM

Lampo and The Graham Foundation are pleased to present a performance by Leif Elggren as he makes his first Chicago appearance in nearly five years, performing new work for voice and live electronics.


Join Roots and Culture for a 5th Anniversary Party!

Roots and Culture
1034 N. Milwaukee Ave.
Noble Square

Opening reception November 19th, 8PM-12AM

Featuring a full bar with signature cocktails, tantalizing appetizers from Chef Eric & Co., DJ Specks and Mr. Wiggles spinning classic Funk, R&B, and Soul.


Stephanie Brooks: Let me not to the marriage of true minds admit impediments.

Terrain Exhibitions
70 HIghland Ave. Oak Park, IL
Oak Park

Opening reception November 19th, 3-6PM
Closes December 4th

The formal aesthetics of poetry and how figurative language describes affection and emotion is an ongoing investigation for Stephanie Brooks, whose practice includes an archive and classification of metaphors. For the exhibition in the front yard gallery at Terrain, Brooks has created yard signs with excerpts of text from Sonnet 116 by William Shakespeare. Confounding our expectations of the political nature of signs conventionally used to declare the political leanings of the homeowner, Brooks has replaced such declarations with Shakespeare’s poetic musings. The signs will first take the form of common political signs and over the course of the exhibition be replaced by real estate signs imprinted with alternate excerpts from the sonnet.


Sayre Gomez : Windows and Mirrors

Kavi Gupta Gallery
835 W. Washington Blvd.
West Loop

Opening reception November 19th, 4-7PM
Closes January 28th

Kavi Gupta is proud to present Windows and Mirrors, the debut exhibition in his Chicago gallery of new work from the Los Angeles based artist Sayre Gomez. On view are the artist’s new works on canvas, thirty small works on paper, and a single graphite drawing. By mining images and texts from various blogs and image archives, Gomez’ new works are an extension of the artist’s inquiry into how aesthetics inform perception and how meaning is disseminated and contextualized.


Karen Reimer: The Domestic Partnership of Heaven and Hell

Monique Meloche
2154 W. Division St.
Wicker Park

Opening reception November 19th, 4-7PM
Closes December 31st

Monique Meloche Gallery is pleased to announce the Opening Reception for Karen Reimer and Cheryl Pope Karen Reimer works to establish something more complex, more ambiguous, more symbiotic than the traditional oppositional binary relationships that ground so much of our culture. By combining the tactics and aesthetics of conceptual art with the tropes of domestic decoration, Reimer pushes concept and material, art and labor, language and linens, utopia and realism, heaven and hell into the same space.


Doll Up (or down)

ARC Gallery
832 W. Superior St. #204
River West

Opening reception November 19th, 6-10PM

Join us for our 2011 Benefit Party and Silent Art Auction. A night of Appetizers, Sweets, and Champagne as well as entertainment provided by fashion designer Kadiatou Daillo at 7pm and performance artist Lulu Temptrice at 8pm In addition to two exciting November installations, this month ARC features “Doll Influx”- a cornucopia of doll-themed artworks generously donated by our members and many fellow artists. The Silent Auction of the dolls concludes at 9:00. The sales will help ARC with the upcoming relocation of the gallery.


-Sunday November, 20th-

Joshua Sampson: A Device for Seeing

ACRE Projects
1913 W 17th St Chicago, IL 60608
Ukranian Village

Opening reception November 20th, 4-8PM
Closes November 21st

A DEVICE FOR SEEING: is always a translation or augmentation. Most humans see life through their eyes; some feel it in their bones. Once I tried to do both, but I got confused, so now I alternate monthly. Lenses are a whole different story because they change how we see in such a subtle way. It’s easy to forget they are there.


Coppice and Andrew Furse present Apiary

Packer Schopf Gallery
942 W. Lake St.
West Loop

Opening reception November 20th, 3PM

A concert presentation of a custom-design instrument for Coppice by Andrew Furse (of Tiny Music).