Chicago Art Map: Openings Nov 11-12, 2011

Below is a listing from Chicago Art Map of gallery openings taking place this weekend, November 11th – 12th.


-Friday November, 11th-


Tom Robinson Studio/Gallery

2416 W. North Ave.
Humboldt Park

Opening reception November 11th, 5-8PM
Closes November 30th

The Chicago Society of Artists, the oldest continuing association of artists in the United States, presents their Fall exhibition of paintings and sculptures. This is an exquisite collection of smaller works representing over 48 artists that include Judith Roth, Didier Nolet, Julia Oehmke, James Mesple, Catherine Cajandig and Rita Dianni-Kaleel. This august association’s roster has had such notable members as Ivan Albright, Frances Foy, A Raymond Katz, Frances Badger and LeRoy Neiman. Remember 11/11/11 – It reads like Pick Up Sticks and could be your chance to pick up an art treasure!


Honor Among: Doug Ischar

Golden Gallery
816 W. Newport Chicago, IL 60657

Opening reception November 11th, 6-9PM
Closes January 14th

Golden Gallery is pleased to announce Honor Among, a solo exhibition of artwork by Doug Ischar featuring large-scale photographs of The Eagle, a San Francisco leather bar (1987), alongside a single-channel video (2007). Both illustrate key themes of Ischar’s career over the past twenty years: voyeurism and the position of the spectator, public sexuality, and representations of masculinity.


MFA Open Studio Night

School of the Art Institute of Chicago
112 S. Michigan Ave.

Opening reception November 11th, 4:30-10:00PM

Join us for a tour of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago’s (SAIC) Master of Fine Arts (MFA) students’ studios. You will see works in progress and finished pieces in the studios plus special curatorial collaborations between Master of Arts (MA) and MFA students in critique spaces along the way.


Wild in the City

Anatomically Correct

Opening reception November 11th, 7-9PM
Closes December 29th

A visual art exhibit of plantlife and wildlife in an urban setting featuring artwork by Chicago area artists.  Featuring Artists: Vic Berardi, Kathryn Born, Bart Harris, Debra Hatchett,  Howard A. Jacobs, Steve Huggins, Jim Lange, William Purvis and Ron Rutkowski


Francine Turk – BADASS

Gallery KH
311 W. Superior St.
River North

Opening reception November 11th, 5-8PM
Closes January 4th

Francine Turk: BADASS -There is nothing more powerful than creative genius With a title like BADASS, you know you are in for something unexpected and we are thrilled to host this new and edgy collection of portraits by Francine Turk. The pieces featured in BADASS are exclusive to Gallery KH and we have given Francine the freedom to go full throttle into her vision and we are, along with her longtime fans, excited to see this gifted artist bring her vision to life here at Gallery KH, states Lissa M. Kivisto, Director of Gallery KH.


Teebs: Lady Luck

Pawn Works
1050 N. Damen Ave. Chicago
Wicker Park

Opening reception November 11th, 7-10PM

L.A. based artist Teebs is more than just another painter in Southern California’s flourishing contemporary art scene, he’s also an accomplished music producer for L.A. based label Brainfeeder. With his largest and most extensive body of work in over 2 years, ‘Lady Luck’ is the result of the artists thoughts spilled over the last few years, built around the excitement and experiences of the release of his first record whilst traveling all over the world.



Park Schreck Gallery
1747 W. North Ave. 60622
Wicker Park

Opening reception November 11th, 7-10PM
Closes December 5th

New Work by Ray Becoskie Park Schreck Gallery is proud to announce its first solo exhibition featuring new work from Ray Becoskie. The title, She Fell in Love with a Point, comes from one of the many curiously named pieces by Becoskie. Gallery owners John Park and Dan Schreck will be celebrating their 6 month anniversary at the opening. Ray Becoskie made a strong statement at previous Park Schreck Gallery show Developed Nuance in August. “Ray’s got a great sense of humor that really comes through in his paintings,” Schreck said. “You just get the feeling that he’s having fun with it.” Ray Becoskie is a modern abstract painter out of St. Paul, Minnesota. His work has a simple, sophisticated edge.


In the Lining

Heaven Gallery
1550 N. Milwaukee Ave. 2nd floor
Wicker Park

Opening reception November 11th, 7-11PM
Closes December 4th

Heaven Gallery welcomes an exhibition of new work by Scott Jarrett. In the Lining is an exhibition of reworked and reconsidered materials, objects, and histories selected by Jarrett according to a set of rules and regulations imposed upon long meditative walks throughout various neighborhoods. The imposed sets of rules and personal restraints that form the selection process are also applied to the making, which slows down intuition and desire, just enough to treat each piece of material as an individual history with transformed ambitions and qualities that constantly present themselves as the enveloped capacity to be seized, altered, or privileged.


New Exhibits: Jeremiah Ketner and Shannon Bonatakis

2780 N Lincoln Ave Chicago IL 60614

Opening reception November 11th, 7-10PM
Closes December 4th

The slightly mysterious world of Chicago-based artist Jeremiah Ketner will once again grace our gallery walls for a new exhibit entitled “Lucky Encounter.” We’ve been fortunate enough to exhibit Jeremiah’s Japanese-inspired paintings featuring beautiful women and sprite-like creatures on several previous occasions, which has only served to want us to do even more with this talented painter. The highly stylized and emotionally charged portraits of Shannon Bonatakis hooked us the first time we laid eyes on one. We’re thrilled to be presenting the newest works of the Denver-based painter in a new exhibit entitled “I Still Feel You.”

-Saturday November, 12th-


Happy Collaborationist Exhibition Space
1254 N. Noble St.
Noble Square

Opening reception November 12th, 6-10PM

Happy Collaborationists have invested four years in the exhibition of relational art, in HERMANO we presented work about artists relationships to each other. COTILLION exhibited the presentation of individuals to their audience and HYPOTHESES engulfed the audience in the vulnerability of artistic experimentation. In our fourth curated series, NOSTALGIA, Happy Collaborationists have selected six artists to consider poignant memories and produce work that will connect their audience to their past. Memories and stories from our past hold great power and create self defining characteristics, when artists re-engage with these narrative and re-represent them they create new stories and new bonds through shared experiences.

MCA DNA: Gordon Matta-Clark

Museum of Contemporary Art
220 E. Chicago Ave.

Opening reception November 12th
Closes March 4th

Gordon Matta-Clark (American, 1942-78) became known for cutting into abandoned New York buildings to create installations that bridged architecture and sculpture, a practice he called “anarchitecture.” In 1978, the MCA (then located at 237 E. Ontario) invited Matta-Clark to Chicago to create a new work in an adjacent building slated for renovation into additional museum galleries. The resulting building alteration, Circus or The Caribbean Orange, involved removing sections of walls, floors, and ceilings. Based on photographs of the work, the artist created color photo montages that convey the sense of disorientation one experienced in the space.



ACRE Projects
1913 W 17th St Chicago, IL 60608
Ukranian Village

Opening reception November 12th, 6-9PM

YASI GHANBARI (b. 1984) is an artist living and working in Chicago. She received a BA from Oberlin College in 2007 and an MFA in Film & Video in 2010 from School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Her areas of interest include, but are not limited to, the following: Eleanor Roosevelt/horticulture, defense mechanisms, installation, masterworks, feminism, set design, bio pics, interpassivity, guilt, reference, mark making, and Sigmund Freud.


Faheem Majeed

7714 N. Sheridan Rd.
East Rogers Park

Opening reception November 12th, 6-9PM
Closes December 10th