Random Gallery Spotlight: Deerpath Art League

Aleece Dewald

"Art is... Figurative" exhibition at Deerpath

The name implies more of an exclusive club than an art gallery, and, in a way, that assumption is correct. To present artwork in the Lake Forest gallery that has been around for more than fifty years, people must first be gallery members: no exceptions. However, this does not mean to give the impression that the Deerpath Art League is too elite for aspiring artists who have yet to make their marks on the art world. Anyone interested in showing his or her art is to apply for membership and then receive acceptance. The task is not complicated and is simply a matter of filling out paperwork and presenting a portfolio of work.  Their staff is always looking for more members and, as a result, a large variety of artists are involved.

Once members, artists are free to carry on their usual work until they are contacted by the gallery director, Vickie Marasco, and invited to participate in upcoming exhibitions.  The same procedure was carried out in the most recent exhibition (which closed on August 12): “Art is… Figurative.” Focusing on the theme of depicting the human body, the exhibition features six artists who have created pieces of several different mediums (mixing styles is another important element for Marasco when creating an exhibition).

Those who were unable to make it out to suburbs for the “Art is… Figurative” exhibition need not be discouraged; the Deerpath Art League showcases a new exhibition every six to eight weeks. Marasco often visits other art galleries and keeps artists, whose works she views, on file and is constantly thinking of potential themes for exhibitions in the future. Past exhibitions include the show, “Art is… Rural Landscape,” which displayed the talents of Chicago suburban artist, Lars-Birger Sponberg, a 93 year old artist who was presenting his series of twenty six new oil paintings.
Future events to look out for include the “Art is… Abstract” exhibit from September 23-November 4—with an opening reception on September 23 from 5-8 PM—presenting the art of Andrew Shea, Jay McDougall, Vicki Morley, Jennifer Bauser, Joanne Epcke, and Mary Lou Schwall.

Work by Alexis Silk

There will also be exhibitions featuring teachers’ and students’ work in 2012. Along with being a professional art gallery, the Deerpath Art League also prides itself for being a school as well, providing youth (ages 6-17) and adult classes, which begin September 17. The students involved in these classes receive a chance to showcase their works as well. During the National Youth Art Month in March the gallery opens an exhibition limited only for students.

The Deerpath Art League is located at 400 E. Illinois Rd. in Lake Forest Illinois. Its hours include: Monday-Friday: 10 AM-4 PM and Saturdays by appointment.