Chicago Art Map: Openings Oct 27-30, 2011

Below is a listing from Chicago Art Map of gallery openings taking place this weekend, October 27th – 30th.


-Thursday October, 27th-

Crime Unseen

Museum of Contemporary Photography
600 1st Pl. Ave.
South Loop

Opening reception October 27th, 5-7PM
Closes January 15th

Featuring the work of: Richard Barnes Corinne May Botz Christopher Dawson Deborah Luster Christian Patterson Taryn Simon Angela Strassheim Krista Wortendyke and Chicago Daily News photographs from the early 20th century


-Friday October, 28th-

Abstract Places: Mediating the Built Environment

Robert Bills Contemporary
650 W. Lake

Opening reception October 28th
Closes November 26th

Work by Mark Beasley, Daniel Everett, and Daniel Giordan, Scott Jarrett.


ALBERT OEHLEN: Painthing on the Möve

Corbett vs. Dempsey
1120 N. Ashland Ave.
Noble Square

Opening reception October 28th, 5-8PM
Closes December 3rd

Corbett vs. Dempsey is very pleased to present its second exhibition of work by Albert Oehlen. One of the great contemporary artists, Oehlen has been dubbed by Peter Schjeldahl “the most resourceful abstract painter alive.” He is known for his daringly adventurous, highly inventive, and sometimes wickedly funny paintings, which often feature elements of collage mixed with linear free painting, sometimes applied directly with his fingers. A master of semiotic prestidigitation, Oehlen’s work challenges notions of elegance and balance, meanwhile asking irreverent questions about the concept of beauty and the durability of taste. Since turning to abstraction in the late 1980s, Oehlen has developed a highly personal body of work that connects with the grand tradition of abstract expressionism, dovetailing especially with Willem de Kooning, but adding a thoroughly contemporary sensibility and subversive sense of humor.


William Steiger: Rolling Stock

Roy Boyd Gallery
739 N. Wells St.
River North

Opening reception October 28th, 5-8PM
Closes December 30th


Nancy Wolfe: Why, paintings.

Josef Glimer Gallery
207 W. Superior St.
River North

Opening reception October 28th, 5-7PM
Closes October 29th

Additional reception on Saturday, Oct. 29 from 11am-5pm.


C.J. Pyle: New Work

Carl Hammer
740 N. Wells St.
River North

Opening reception October 28th, 6-8PM
Closes December 20th

C.J. Pyle: New Work, drawings on album/book covers.


Diane Christiansen: Enough Space in the Head to Breath, new work.

Kasia Kay Art Projects Gallery
215 N. Aberdeen St.
West Loop

Opening reception October 28th, 6-8PM
Closes November 26th

Artist’s gallery talk: Saturday Oct. 29th, 12-1PM


Emmett Kerrigan and Lora Fosberg

Linda Warren Gallery
1052 W. Fulton Market
West Loop

Opening reception October 28th, 6-9PM
Closes December 3rd


Voices from the Center

119 N. Peoria St.
West Loop

Opening reception October 28th, 6-9PM
Closes December 10th

Produced by Janeil Engelstad.


Todd Chilton ANGLED and Siebren Versteeg INACTION

Rhona Hoffman Gallery
118 North Peoria St.
West Loop

Opening reception October 28th, 5-7:30PM
Closes December 3rd

Rhona Hoffman Gallery is pleased to present ANGLED, the gallery’s first solo exhibition of work by Todd Chilton. Todd Chilton’s practice places a distinct emphasis on both the importance of process, and imperfection in the abstract form. For the past six years, Chilton has been creating brightly colored abstract paintings through the layering of hand-painted geometrical patterns. Ambiguous yet purposeful, Chilton’s paintings highlight the contradictions inherent in seemingly opposing forces. Deliberate imperfections often articulate humorous aspects within the work as well. The artist explains, “meaning evolves from determined imprecision, broken or sagging structures, and the obvious hand that created the painting. This underscores the physical experience that takes place between a viewer and my work through surface, scale and optical qualities, which subvert, or sustain, a sense of balance.”


-Saturday October, 29th-

Mischief Night

Hyde Park Art Center
5020 S. Cornell Ave.

Opening reception October 29th, 1-10PM

Artists take over the entire building to showcase the illusive, the strange and the mysterious side of art. The whole family is invited to enjoy a full day of performance, workshops, exhibitions and more. And best of all, it’s FREE!


Real Space

1542 N. Milwaukee Ave.
Wicker Park

Opening reception October 29th, 6-10PM
Closes November 27th

Alyse Ronayne Bryan Lear Dan Bradica Zak Arctander In conjunction with the ACRE Residency program, LVL3 is pleased to present Real Space, an exhibition of new works by Alyse Ronayne, Bryan Lear, Dan Bradica and Zak Arctander. These four artists create work using recognizable forms and materials, re-contextualizing, de-contextualizing and transforming the familiar into the unfamiliar. Alyse Ronayne’s paper sculptures hover in liminal space, intermixing senses of luminosity and weightlessness with density and heft. Bryan Lear illuminates the interconnectedness between the ordinary and the rare with the use of simple transformations. Dan Bradica manipulates and intervenes with images of the natural, exploring relationships with perception, space and environment. Zak Arctander uses the image as surrogate to portray his light and dark subjects in a balanced scheme. These four artists will exhibit together in the generative spirit of the residency to support and institute their ongoing ideas.


-Sunday October, 30th-

Veronica Bruce: Artist Talk

Julius Caesar
3311 W. Carroll Ave.
Garfield Park

Opening reception October 30th, 2PM

Bruce’s recent sculptural and photographic work draws attention to the hidden potential within material. The Gallery hours are every following Saturday and Sunday from 1pm to 4pm or by appointment. The show will close with an artist talk on October 30 at 2pm. Please visit www.juliuscaesarchicago.com for more information.



Adds Donna
4223 W. Lake St. #422
Garfield Park

Opening reception October 30th, 4-7PM
Closes January 1st

ADDS DONNA presents Lauren Carter , Yogi Proctor, Jo Hormuth, Michael Milano, Christina Leung, Gareth Long, Ama Saru & Hsiao Chen, Laura Mackin, Nicholas Cueva. Adds Donna is pleased to announce the second installment of WISHYOUWEREHERE, a full-season group exhibition aimed at determining how and when content begins (and potentially never ends). As the title for countless songs, albums, books, and films, Wish You Were Here cannot avoid the taint of association. For this WISHYOUWEREHERE, work will get a second chance. Viewers who attend throughout the season will be able to experience work that is physically present simultaneously along work that manifests as the unknown, or as work disappears, as memory or remainder. Participants in this extended exhibition not only have the autonomy to enter and exit at will, but also to exist in accord with the variables present as much as absent. Work will come, go, and sometimes initiate a rubric all it’s own.



The Suburban
125 N. Harvey Ave., Oak Park, IL
Oak Park

Opening reception October 30th, 2-4PM
Closes January 15th

Neil Clements was born in Northern Ireland and lives and works in Glasgow. He has had one-person exhibitions at doggerfisher, Edinburgh, and Anne Mosseri-Marlio Galerie, Zurich. He is currently included in “Industrial Aesthetics: Environmental Influences on Recent Art from Scotland” curated by Darren Jones at Hunter College / Time Square Gallery, NYC. Awkward x 2 is a collaboration between two painters: Jeremy Gilbert-Rolfe and Rebecca Norton. They began working together in the summer of 2010 and their show at the Suburban, opening on Sunday, October 30th, will be Awkward%u2019s first solo exhibition. Awkward’s chief interest is painting, but they also explore new ways in which to talk about art and further collaborations into areas outside of art. “We%u2019re interested in beauty, the involuntary, pleasure and complexity and in what results from two people working on the same thing in a field where works have traditionally been associated with individual subjectivities.” Rebecca Norton received her MFA from Art Center College of Design in Pasadena in 2010, Jeremy Gilbert-Rolfe received his from Florida State University in 1970. She is from Kentucky, he is from Kent. Awkward x 2 is made possible with support from Puffin Foundation Ltd.


Paul Cowan

Shane Campbell Gallery (Oak Park)
125 N. Harvey Ave., Oak Park, IL 60302
Oak Park

Opening reception October 30th, 2-4PM
Closes January 8th