Call for Art Disaster Stories

Clearly Shawnee Barton’s story – where she tells the story about having her video art rejected from a festival she never entered – really struck a chord with our readers. So we’re going to open up our inboxes to anyone’s personal tale of disaster stories in the visual art realm.

So, just in time for Halloween, send us your horror stories. Gallerist sell your work and never pay you? Damaged Art? Entrance fees without a marketing push and no one came? Bad critics? Dysfunctional artist groups? Greedy grassroots organizations?

But here’s the rule – since we love gossip, you’re welcome to send it over and name whomever you want, if you wish. However, if we post your story, we reserve the right to anonymize it however we see fit – removing your name, their name, locations, whatever. Because along with not getting sued, the point isn’t liable, it’s that it’s finally time to address the dark underbelly of ineptitude that we’re been hearing about behind the scenes. Because – all joking aside – artists have proven to be a vulnerable population often preyed upon. There’s even a site called Artscams.com solely dedicated to email-based fraud.

We’ll post some stories as they come in, or as a roundup of excerpts (we’re reserving that right too). We won’t be able to pay you for these story entries, but then again, we’re not charging you either (little joke). Also, since they will be such tragic reads in bulk, if you can find the funny and ironic side of things, it also helps.

Please send submissions to staff@chicagoartmachine.com