1,000,000 People Art Project: Connie Noyes’ IN the PINK on Kickstarter

Seeing pink elephants is a euphemism for hallucinations

The following is from Connie Noyes’ Kickstarter campaign. Click here to help out!

My vision is big – global, in fact. I want to change the world. And, I want us to do it together. What began as merely a thought about the space I occupy with my pinkish-self has turned into a call to unite 1,000,000 people around the globe. EVERYONE IS INVITED!! One million people involved – creating “IN the PINK” opportunities for themselves and others as this ongoing multimedia event unfolds.

The events start in November with my exhibition PINKSpace at Blanc Gallery in the Bronzeville neighborhood of Chicago where IN THE PINK: the 1,000,000 people art project will officially launch . This large scale project both coincides with and strengthens the concept of PINKSpace.

So as not to confuse matters, there are two parts to my project description here.  First is the exhibit, PINKSpace a body of work that I have been passionately pursuing for the past year. And second, IN THE PINK: the 1,000,000 people art project, which is a long-term adventure. In the Pink (the project) was ignited by thoughts I had while I created the art for this exhibit.

An interactive website is in the works where 1,000,000 global citizens will post projects they are passionate about – projects that can make a difference. The website will be a database for networking across disciplines (ie: artists and scientists, or community organizers or environmental activists, doctors, teachers the list is endless but you get the idea), a central source for curating exhibitions and bringing people together for residencies, dialog and symposiums.


In the earliest citations from the 16th century, the phrase “In the Pink” meant to be at the very pinnacle of a moment or event. Today, it is most commonly used to mean in perfect condition especially in relationship to health. The project, In the Pink: the million people art project is a call for the global community at this fragile yet pinnacle moment in our collective history to come together in partnership, creativity and passion to create a healthier, more perfect condition for themselves and  others.

This project has roots in a concept slogan from the 1970’s; “THINK globally, ACT locally.” As global consciousness increases through the expansion of technology, it is easier than ever before to imagine how we are all connected and perhaps easier to see and understand how small thoughtful acts can make a world of change- turning problems into opportunities for global solutions.


The only way I know to do this is by bringing people together in community through ART.


PINKSpace and Elephant Parts, proposed installation by Connie Noyes

PINKSpace began as a response to my pinkish physical body and the space that I occupy but has grown into something so much more. It is no longer just about me, but about us. PINK is a color we all share. Shades of pink are the color of the internal body – muscle and organs unconcerned with external racial characteristics, religion or social class. Pink is a symbolic color for universal love and human connection.

There are countless social, cultural, spiritual, and gender based connotations to the word PINK. Though often unconscious, many associations to this single color are part of my culture and represent coalitions of personal and complex physical, perceptual and psychological experiences. The gathering of materials is a primary means for investigating these connections in my work. The materials I use might at one point have been utilitarian, were never considered beautiful and are now considered trash. The debris I collect, from many sources, is the skeleton of the work and the catalyst for inquiry into the connection of the personal metaphor to larger concepts of social consciousness. For this exhibition PINKSpace, the act of turning detritus into “works of art” and elevating the allure of garbage calls into question the status quo of beauty, worthiness and usability.

The few illustrations I have posted here are images that swim about in my mind when I think of PINK. They are but the beginning of a more inclusive investigation. As the exhibition folds into the project it is the idea of being  “IN THE PINK” and whatever that may mean within a global arena that will come to the forefront. I don’t know what will happen, but I am passionate and curious to find out.


As part of the project during the month of November, I will host a symposium/panel of speakers from very diverse backgrounds and interests. By participating in this Kickstarter progam, you will have access to this event either in person, if you are in Chicago, or online.

The speakers for the first symposium are broad in scope with big ideas and are guaranteed to get the dialog started. Included on the panel are an Art Therapist, a Medical Doctor, a contemporary music composer, a female owner of major steel manufacturing company and a unit of swingers. I will list bios of all the speakers and their topics as the information becomes available.

There are many other rewards listed to entice you!!  Just pick a level you are comfortable with and sign up! Easy!!! Images of available paintings and prints will  be posted on this site to entice you further. Or, if you sign up for one of the higher level rewards, I will paint a commission…JUST FOR YOU!!

By signing up for one of the rewards you will provide production costs for the PINKSpace exhibition and the LAUNCH of IN THE PINK:the 1,000.000 people art project. Included in this are:

• Support for fabrication of several pieces of art

• Costumes for the opening performance.

• Creation of a sound installation

• Production of a magnificent catalog

• Sponsorship for the interactive multimedia IN THE PINK website

• Stipends for speakers

IN THE PINK: the 1,000,000 people art project will officially launch in November during the month of the exhibition.

The catalog will be available by the opening reception on November 18. The symposium will talke place on November 19. Updates will be posted.