Magnanimous Media: Professional Film Production for All

Cinema Package Rental from Magnanimous Media

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“The idea that we have to hold on to film production secrets is dead,” says Craig Maltby of Magnanimous Media.  “For so long, film production companies tried to hold onto information about filmmaking, so that non-professionals had a harder time breaking into the industry. But our belief is that we can keep growing our business by collaborating with companies and educating them about equipment and filmmaking options.”

Magnanimous Media is a video production and rental house in Chicago, IL.

Affordability makes them unique. HD camera rentals start at $120/day. They pride themselves on offering “inexpensive production essentials” ranging from DSLR support gear, to LED lighting, to the latest in camera technology. Sony recently released its answer to the DSLR market by introducing the NEX-FS100, and Magnanimous Media appears to be the exclusive renter of this camera in Chicago.

Many clients need more involved professional guidance. “The Internet is increasingly becoming a larger part of every company’s marketing strategy,” says Sean Patrick of Magnanimous Media. “Advancements in technology are making high quality videos more affordable, and central to online marketing.” Companies are recognizing more and more, the value of video – whether its capturing events, video blogging, social media efforts, or a wider array of promotional videos. But without some professional help, the videos can look unappealing and amateurish. “The two biggest issues in bad video are sound quality (using just the microphone in the camera) and poor editing. When the videos look and sound bad, they fail to sell the product, and place the company in a bad light.”

Panasonic HPX17 from Magnanimous Media

Magnanimous Media offers a full range of production services from shooting to editing to motion graphics. The industry’s secrets are unveiled in their development services, which offers consultation on any part of the production process from conceptualization, to shot selection. Renters often come by the office to consult about a new product prior to booking a rental. Companies have inquired about cost effective podcasting strategies, and online video campaign management. Whatever your needs, Magnanimous Media stands ready to assist you.

Most importantly, Magnanimous Media saves clients’ money, and can design web content plans that meet their client’s budget. “In the short term, we aim to expand our rental inventory and customer services. In the long term, our goal is to produce a massive variety of web content.”

To learn more about Magnanimous Media visit them at www.magnanimous.biz, and http://www.facebook.com/pages/Magnanimous-Media/120896024594254. You can also email them at rentals@magnanimous.biz, or feel free to call them at 708-248-1127. They are open every day from 10am to 10pm.