Chicago Artist Database – Recently Added Artists

To encourage artists to upload their work to the Chicago Artist Database, we will be featuring five recently added artists on Chicago Art Magazine.  You can add yourself to the database here. (Note: the system is buggy and we don’t provide tech support, so read the uploading directions carefully.)

Rachel Wolfe
– Adopted a love for nature and art early on. Traveling and yoga play a large part in my journey. As an avid book lover, I’m working on my second art-book. I contribute to several online/print publications and accept freelance assignments, commissions, exhibition opportunities and love notes on an ongoing basis-hope you’ll say hi! Please email me for rates, rachelwolfe.com(at)gmail.com. Statement Balance and place are central in my work. The underlying narrative of a place is of great joy for me to explore. Creating a stillness, suggesting something beyond, is what I hope to translate. Guided largely by intuition, I use subtle symbols intended to become one with the viewer, so that the stories and ideals slowly become a sense of understanding, creating a new place within the self to explore. The goal is to continue exploring deeper into experiences, employing a delicate dance of feeling and comprehension. My work helps me remain open to new worlds of possibility.

Diana Gurley
– Also visit www.trembletremble.com and  www.trembleproductions.com Gurley is a documentary filmmaker, blogger, gardener and photographer.

Rebecca Moy – Abstract paintings draw the viewer into a heightened vision of color and form, referencing landscape and architecture with pools of saturated colors which are emotional, lush, sensual and intense; going beyond the traditional ideas of abstract art. Honing in on complex layers of color, Moy creates lines and forms depicting the intricate labyrinths and relationships between memory, time, feeling and experience.

Calvin Moore – Primarily works on paper, prints.

Mary Flack – Mary Flack is a traditional, realist painter, whose work incorporates subjects from botanical, to figurative, still life and landscape. Her work is a practice of observation and interpretation, and through her paintings, she constructs images that are a synthesis of abstraction and realism. She has studied at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, and the American Academy of Art in Chicago, and currently teaches at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh Online Division.