Special Offer: Sign up for Art Career Course and $400 in Advertising Here

Paul Klein’s 12-week course, designed to jump start your art career, is partnering with Chicago Art Magazine to offer any new students $400 worth of advertising on this site — if you sign up before noon on September 2 (this coming Friday). The course is available online and to local students.

The advertising information is here, and information about Klein Artist Works is below. Limit 5. More details at the bottom.

(from Artletter mailing)
Klein Artist Works is a 12 week course about artists getting the success they want.  Some previous participants have been in Whitney Biennials, or have major American galleries, or are reigniting a dormant art career, or are just starting out. They’ve all wanted to learn how to achieve the success they want and deserve.

Klein Artist Works demystifies the art world.  Together we ask real questions of real Art Experts about:

  • Solid strategies for success
  • What museum curators are looking for in contemporary artists
  • How galleries select their artists
  • How successful artists can succeed without a gallery
  • Grasp multiple approaches to success
  • What a website should and should not include
  • What do all successful artists have in common and how you can too
  • How to win public art commissions
  • How to sell to corporate art consultants
  • Why collectors collect
  • Marketing
  • How to price your art
  • How to write an artist’s statement
  • How to get on a first name basis with curators and art dealers
  • How to photograph your own art
  • How to use social networking
  • How to find a business partner
  • What you need to do regarding accounting and taxes
  • How and why to apply for grants
  • How to build a community and support group
  • How to get your art to take care of you.
  • And a whole lot more

There’s a lot of individual attention within a framework of group discussions.  Each artist gets a real or ‘virtual’ studio visit to focus on strategy for you alone.

This course is not cheap ($1250 or $1000, depending), but look at the testimonials on the website.  The course is 12 weeks and a one-year payment option is available.

Before taking the course one artist said to me, “I’d be successful if I could just get across the barrier.”  To which I responded, “There is no barrier.”

The advertising offer: Chicago Art Magazine will provide a free “sponsored post” , which is a long-form advertisement about and artists and their artwork. It can contain upto 1,000 words and 4 large images. Sponsored post will appear on the site when space is available between September 13 – Nov. 1. It remains on the home page of ChicagoArtMagazine.com for one month and remains in the permanent archives. Chicago Art Magazine is an online-only magazine.  With over 80,000 monthly views and  over 30,000 social media connections which receive each article that appears (including sponsored posts), Chicago Art Magazine has the largest readership of any visual art magazine in Chicago.

contact paul@artletter.com and mention this ad once you have filled out the registration form.