Odd Occurrence: Exhibition @HumanThread Gallery

“Odd Occurrence: The Chance Meeting That Might Have Changed Your Mind”
– An Exhibit by Damien James
A Reception with the Artist
July 8, Friday, 6 – 10 p.m.

Human Threat Gallery

Chicago artist Damien James joins HumanThread with a new series of works on paper. In his newest work James sets forth to inspire people, to share their stories, recollections, and offer surfaces onto which observers may project themselves, feel themselves out, and investigate their own headspace. Through his keen people watching observations, James ignites a collective consciousness that depicts the snap judgments and emotions shared between strangers in a passing moment.

A self-taught artist, James has worked in a variety of drawing and painting media. Damien James is also an accomplished art writer and performer and his work can be seen in publications and exhibitions throughout Chicago and the U.S.

Open to the Public:
• 2nd Fridays Chicago Arts District Gallery Night on July 8: 6p – 10pm,
reception with the artist.
• Free Admission, Donations are appreciated.
• Refreshments (wine & cheese & more..)


Gallery Hours: Mondays 3 -6pm
Exhibit is also open by appointments:
July 1-31, 2011
(student/group visits welcome)

For further information, please contact us:
e: humanthread.net@gmail.com
t: 312.243.9423
w: www.humanthread.net


Human Thread Gallery

I tend to resist the idea of the written “artist statement” because I feel that to live artfully is the only real statement one can make. I’m not willing to limit the individuality of my work and what it means for me or anyone else by distilling the important ideas into a few sentences. Life is the statement. Art is a nice side effect, an occasional mirror or telescopic lens, a useful tool; what it means and why, how it’s useful and to whom is a conversation to be had, not a statement to be read.  (Read facebook event page:)

“The first time you witness real violence, real brutality, you were just a kid being pushed down the street in a stroller.  It happened like all the violence I’ve ever experienced, instantly, without warning or cue; it was just there in all our faces like a reality TV celebrity: we didn’t know why and the memory lingers.”