Kathryn Born Teaches Advanced Topics in Social Media & WordPress Master Class

UPDATE: I can get you in for $50! Write staff – at – chicagoartmachine.com

Advanced Topics in Social Networking in Klein Artist Works webinar, and WordPress Master Class on Friday (free to webinar participants)

Advanced Topics in Social Media

For almost 2 years, I’ve been giving talks and presentations about social media, and it’s slowly evolved into the presentation I’m doing for Klein Artist Works this Wednesday about “advanced topics”. This is for the person who’s already on Facebook, maybe dabbled with Twitter, knows about LinkedIn … but all these tools aren’t doing too much for your career. So this presentation/ Q&A steps back and looks at branding, marketing, content, and how social networking techniques and “Twitter Machines” can pull these things together, take it to the next level, automate them, grow them, and get measurable results.

You can sign up here, and also hear the words of genius from my homey Lynn Basa, who is outstanding and always has something new and amazing to say.


WordPress Master Class

Friday, 7/5 10AM-Noon (conference room)

What does WordPress have to do with social media? A lot. Because you’re website might be lousy “under the hood”. It might look alright on the surface, but if a Web designer built it for you a few years ago (or more), it’s not optimized for social media, you’re not showing up well in Google and every time you want to modernize it, you have to hire a developer and start all over.

The first objective of the WordPress Master Class (which takes place in our conference room on Ravenswood and Montrose on Friday, July 8 ) is to help you decide if you even want to deal with running your own site, or if you’re better off just hiring someone (and if so, where to get someone cheap).

This will go through the anatomy of WordPress. Starting with  from getting hosting, installing, slapping on a template, and understanding basic plugins for SEO, ecommerce, and analytics, along with tags, “social media automation” and integration with social media. If this all sounds like Greek to you, then you should really attend, because it’s designed for beginners.  Even if you just want to throw up your hands and hire someone, having some background and vocabulary will help you understand why WordPress is important and powerful for active website, and what to look for in a provider.  We’ll also show Weebly, a free tool for building simple, static sites, and cases where this could be a better choice.

If there’s enough interest, we’ll pick a date for a follow up 4-hour workshop where we actually build everyone’s site during the workshop.

This is free to people who do the webinar and $35 for everyone else. To sign up, email staff -at- chicagoartmachine.com