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From inside the frenetic corridors of The New York Times – comes a riveting portrait of a classic American institution battling to survive an all-out revolution.  In a brave new news world of tweets, blogs and aggregators, the storied newspaper faces massive technological, economic and cultural upheaval.  Yet, PAGE ONE reveals that the heart of The New York Times beats as passionately as ever – driven by a group of tough-minded journalists who remain determined to bring to light some of the most important stories of our times– even when that story is them.

Filmmakers Andrew Rossi and Kate Novack (LE CIRQUE: A TABLE IN HEAVEN) gain unprecedented access to the Times’ long-hidden inner sanctum for a year, just as the paper is confronting newsroom lay-offs, the game-changing emergence of WikiLeaks, and questions about whether the newspaper itself could go bankrupt as print outlets across the country collapse. The result is an exhilarating view into a world where Old School values are colliding–and sometimes converging–with a new future.

Tracking four journalists profoundly impacted by the shifting media reality – intrepid media reporter David Carr, Iraq-bound reporter Tim Arango, twenty-something-blogger-turned-Timesman Brian Stelter and their demanding editor Bruce Headlam – Rossi and Novack capture the paper’s clashing personalities (and boys’ club atmosphere,). Newsroom cross-fire erupts, reporters jockey to get onto page one and Headlam tries to keep the chaos under control.  PAGE ONE peers into the scandals that have rocked the paper, from the fabricated journalism of Jayson Blair to Judith Miller’s pre-war coverage of Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction; and looks at how transformative events of the past, including the Pentagon Papers and Watergate, resonate today.

Magnolia Pictures, Participant Media and HISTORY Present PAGE ONE: INSIDE THE NEW YORK TIMES, directed by Andrew Rossi, produced and written by Kate Novack and Rossi. The film was also produced by Josh Braun, David Hand, Alan Oxman and Adam Schlesinger.  The executive producers are Daniel Stern and Daniel Pine.

Tickets can be used any day Monday – Thursday at the Landmark Century Cinema starting July 1.