Technical Difficulties?: Public Access Television (A Conceptual Funeral)

Come and Celebrate the life of Public Access by Dancing at its conceptual Funeral!

On Sunday, May 15 from 3:00pm – 7:00pm, The Alliance of Pentaphilic Curators will be presenting Conceptual Funeral #3: Technical Difficulties: Public Access w/ host Lori Felker, a part of the month-long series, Five Funerals.

This is your chance to rip the nails out of a proverbial coffin. Public Access Television, bastion of free speech and loyal community via the airwaves, refuses to be laid to rest despite the motion towards media centralization.

The events that shape this funeral promise to range from the performative to the informative– video presentations, tv stars, and an edible homage to the test pattern color bars.

This event may appear somber at first, but it’s really a celebration! Let’s gather together and take the time to reflect upon the life and times of Mr. Public Access and give him the energy and attention he needs to stick around!

This is a kid friendly (and encouraged) event!

With special guests: Jon.Satrom, Ratso & Chic-a-go-go, and Eric Fleischauer!

3pm-4pm: Viewing and guest arrival
4pm: Speakers, video presentations, special guests
5:30pm: Chic-A-Go-Go dance party!
Stay til 7, pay your respects, find out more about Public Access, eat some appropriately themed food catered by Bleeding Heart Bakery!

All events take place at The Charnel House, 3421 W. Fullerton Ave, Chicago.

Five Funerals is organized by The Alliance of Pentaphilic Curators, Jason Dunda and Teena McClelland

For more information about Five Funerals, visit their website and check them out on Facebook. Questions?: lorifelker@gmail.com