Park West Gallery


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With over 30 galleries and 6,000 works of art passing through each week, Park West Gallery, founded in 1969, has quietly grown to become one of America’s most successful art institutions.  And it’s based just next door in the city of Southfield, MI.

Check out the video for a unique perspective from several of the artists they offer or represent.  You can also inquire about submission guidelines at info@parkwestgallery.com.

A Collecting Experience:

Park West Gallery has brought fine artworks to more than 1.3 million clients around the world through its gallery locations in Michigan and Florida as well as art auctions on cruise ships and in major metropolitan areas. Park West Gallery’s mission is to create an educational, entertaining, and welcoming environment that ignites a passion for the arts and creates a collecting experience like no other company in the world.  The Park West Galleries all support a myriad of artistic talent, engage the widest array of audiences, and advocate genuine artistry and craftsmanship through the collections of artwork offered to their clients.

The Galleries:

Park West Gallery’s main headquarters is located on a beautiful 3½ acre site, including a natural pond with a surrounding walkway and sculpture garden. The 63,000 square foot building of classical Greco-Roman design is in the style of many museums built in North America in the 20th century. An exterior gallery of twenty-three works of art are featured in display windows.  In front of the windows is a granite walkway protected by a covered portico supported by stone columns.

Inside are 23 spacious exhibition galleries accented with antique furniture and fine oriental carpets on limestone floors. Each of the galleries is devoted to a particular artist or type of art. New collections are mounted continuously and more than 500 works fill the galleries.

Also housed within are the company’s executive offices, staff offices, fine art storage facilities, restoration studios, research department, digital catalog printing facilities, and a customer service department.

A 181,000 square foot facility located in Miami Lakes, FL acts as their distribution center, servicing the cruise ships and land based auctions. Custom framing, world-wide shipping, art transport and distribution of materials are just some of the activities at this Florida location. The facility also includes some executive offices and a new two-story gallery.

Park West Galleries also maintains retail galleries on over 30 cruise ships all over the world.  Park West hosts art enrichment programs, seminars, gallery exhibitions and live auctions onboard luxury cruise liners.  Often times, Park West Gallery brings artists onboard to talk about their work and to meet their collectors.


Passionate People:

Park West Gallery works with more than 400 people internationally, bringing collections of fine art of the highest quality to the world market.

Each week, up to 6,000 works of art are cataloged, photographed, custom framed, and carefully checked and registered before leaving its facilities in Michigan and Florida to be distributed to locations and cruise ships worldwide for inclusion in auctions and exhibitions.

To remain abreast of important developments in the art world, the gallery director and senior staff members have logged millions of miles in international and domestic travel. Park West Gallery reviews the most important international art expositions and also have representation at museum exhibitions.

Through an extensive network of artists, dealers and agents, Park West Gallery has developed the capacity to offer for sale and authenticate works through the artists themselves, or the definitive experts for the various masters whose works they offer. In addition to a full-time staff, they utilize well recognized experts and scholars to document and review their collections. Among these are; Joseph Jacobs, noted freelance art writer and critic; Tony Janson, co-author of the History Of Art, the most widely used textbook on fine art ever written; Dr. Eleanor Hight, University of New Hampshire art professor and expert on Russian art; and many others.

Park West Gallery’s research library includes many rare and out of print references. Their research department catalogs each work offered at the gallery and auctions. When their seal is affixed to a Park West Gallery certificate of authenticity, collectors have the assurance that the research was done according to the highest of museum or internationally-important auction standards.



Philanthropic initiatives are paramount at Park West Gallery and an important part of Park West’s  corporate culture.  The Park West Foundation was established to help foster kids who are “aging out” out of foster care and transitioning from children to adulthood.  The foundation currently supports nearly 300 young people, having helped them transition to the challenges of adulthood by funding post-secondary education, housing, and other essentials needs for a successful transition to adulthood.


In addition, Park West Gallery supports a variety of charities world-wide.  Last year alone, Park West helped over 200 non-profit organizations.  Park West Gallery is also an avid proponent, during a critical time, of the importance of arts education and has facilitated art enrichment programs with accomplished artists, helping provide artists talks to organizations like the International School in Bellevue, Washington, the Goethe School in Chicago, Illinois and the Youth Arts Corps in Tampa Bay, Florida among many others.  Park West Gallery has also provided donations and resources to fundraising events at various institutions around the country, including the Children’s Home Society and the Ringling School of Art and Design in Sarasota, FL.