Chicago Art Magazine: The School

Update: we are full.

Chicago Art Magazine: The School

We are excited to announce our summer program which will take place between June 15- July 15, 2011. During that time, the students will control all editorial and operational aspects of Chicago Art Magazine, Chicago DIY Film, and Chicago Performance.com.

Their first challenge they’ll face is that the editorial schedule has been cleared and “something needs to go up” on the day the program begins.

We at Chicago Art Magazine are encouraged to see New Media and Online Journalism programs appear at schools and universities. What is often not addressed, however, is that when young writers graduate, they’ll need to be prepared for a writing environment in which little infrastructure, support or guidance is available. Many online writing jobs welcome you by emailing you a login and brief instructions for uploading, and that is the sum total of support they will provide.  We also want to prepare students to get started writing and publishing upon graduation, without any job at all, to gain a following and build a portfolio as they begin their job search.

Web writing is a unique and difficult form. It must be short, yet extremely sophisticated. In academia, there is little discussion about self-editing and the speed at which writers must create content. Other items not often put into practice include traffic analytics, CMS systems, photo editing, and social media. Often times the instructors don’t have Facebook or Twitter accounts themselves. This program is about putting theory into practice, as the students must the maintain the web traffic – Chicago Art Magazine has a major summer advertiser, and are contractually obligated to have the magazine run at a certain pace and standard during that time.

Critics will say that this is about free labor. To that we will simply respond that it takes us fifteen minutes to upload a post, and three hours to teach someone how to resize images and work with our specific templates.  All aspects of the magazine have that same ratio for the effort it takes to do it ourselves vs. teach a new person.  It is cheaper and easier to run the magazine ourselves.

During the first meeting, students will pitch content ideas, and based on those ideas, a senior editor will be chosen by from the group by Editor-in-Chief Kathryn Born, to serve at the helm for the week. She will mentor those in charge of the marketing and operational aspects. Robin Dluzen, Chicago Art Magazine’s Managing Editor, will be mentoring the students and supporting the Senior Editor and Photo Editor. Some video documentation and blogging about the summer program will be taking place, which will be edited and incorporated into the documentary Chicago Art Magazine: The Movie.

The program has space for 20 students total, and currently has 14 spots available. There is no tuition or fees. To apply contact editor@chicagoartmachine.com, and include at least one writing sample before April 1.