Chicago Art Magazine: The School – Class of 2011

So Chicago Art Magazine: The Movie started as a joke in the post about our school, but now it’s actually becoming a reality as we record editorial meetings and prepare to turn the magazine over to our fearless crew (pictured below). You’ll start seeing these names in the byline, and then, starting on June 13, for one month, they will run all operations of the magazine, set a new editorial tone and direction and … pretty much do what they want.

EmilyMorris, one of the film-focused staffers, effortlessly came up with the entire “plot” of the documentary, saying simply, “What if the documentary were about a group of students trying to become marketable in the workplace after graduation?”

Voila, our theme was born. It ties in our overarching theme, and my personal belief that most “new media/new journalism” programs actually don’t teach the core survival skills that we’ve had to learn in the process of running an online network and becoming a freelance editor. So they’re students today and gearing up to be bosses in the next couple weeks.

Good luck, and try not to crash crash the site.

Jonathan Alvin










Araceli Arroyo












Molly Bandonis










Kris Anne Bonifacio












Amanda Brinton










Aleece Dewald













Susan Du













Emily Morris












Diego Nava










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Blair Powers














Laura Schell









Wenjia Doreen Zhao