Art Chicago 2011 – Images from the Aisles

Ok, I’m working today, but I”m going to take a break every hour and keep uploading images. I have 50% of the artists names, but if this is your gallery or you’re the artist, write it in the comments and I’ll incorporate it into the text.


Shepherd Farey

Park Mi-Yong (Misoolsidae Gallery)


Bates Wilson Gallery

Xiao Guo Hui, Christopher Cutts Gallery


Jamie Baldridge


Dillon Gallery

This is the crowd-gathering piece at Charles James Gallery. One map is a liberal view of the world, the other is the conservative view of the world.  Of course follows lockstep with every other political artwork which defines liberals are angels and conservatives as monkeys.


Stephanie Burke, Art Talk Chicago, and Robin Dluzen, Chicago Art Magazine


Bates Wilson Gallery

I can’t say that the painting below was the “best” piece of the night, but best piece for me, considering where my head is at, what I’m into, and this aesthetic I’ve had the last year about painting and a return to beauty.  More of her work here http://www.cube-gallery.co.uk/images/artists/k_allen/P1010303.jpg

detail of Jonathan Huxley’s Refuge