Jerry Saltz and Lynn Basa – 20% Off Tonight’s Webinar

We’ve got the discount code! We’ve got the discount code!

In the spirit of the Flash Deals, we’re offering an extreme last minute discount to up to 20 people who want “in” on tonight’s event, in which Klein Art Works features heavyweights Saltz and Basa,  who will light the career art path.

Jerry Saltz is a columnist for New York Magazine and a juror on Work of Art. He will discuss strategies for artists and share his insights and wisdom on what best enables a successful career for an artist.

Lynn Basa is the author of The Artist’s Guide to Public Art: How to Find and Win Commissions. She has created site-specific work for hospitals, universities, corporate headquarters, and private collections. She lives in Chicago.

Just email Paul(at)KleinArtistWorks.com and the first 20 emails will get the discount.  And if you’re totally broke, and no discount could ever be discounted enough for your budget (because you haven’t listened to the seminar yet, ha ha), become a fan on Facebook and for future webinars, we’ll pick a couple winners to get comps to the e-show.