David Weinberg Photography – Grand Opening

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:  Opening of David Weinberg Photography

David Weinberg Photography
Matthew Avignone, Studio Manager, 312.529.5090, matt@d-weinberg.com

David Weinberg is pleased to announce the grand opening of David Weinberg Photography with the inaugural exhibition showcasing the artistʼs brand new narrative series Mr. Wildʼs Garden. The show will run from March 7 – May 27, 2011 with a private opening reception on Thursday, March 3rd, from 5-9pm. There will be an additional public celebration on April 29, 2011 from 5-9pm. This exhibition was created with support from the Field Museum, Chicago.

David Weinberg Photography, formerly David Weinberg Gallery, has undergone a transition in focus. Beginning March 7, 2011, the location will operate as David Weinberg’s photographic studio and showroom. The premiere body of work on view, Mr. Wild’s Garden, will highlight Weinberg’s most recent narrative series.  This group of 31 photographs envisions the world of Weinberg’s mysterious childhood neighbor, Mr. Wild. The dilapidated house and the yard full of towering weeds that this solitary and enigmatic figure inhabited during Weinberg’s youth inspired a range of emotionally charged work that can be seen from multiple viewpoints; the frightened but curious child, the unknowable old neighbor, the very weeds themselves. Weinberg’s work quietly marvels at the passage of time through these studies and acts as a meditation on the natural process of growth, overgrowth, and decay.

David Weinberg Photography will also be a venue to view previous bodies of work by the artist, as well as a place for Weinberg to continue his professional photographic journey.  Former bodies of work have ranged from photo-journalistic in nature to pure abstraction.  Yet, one can follow a direct line of artistic curiosity and creation from his earliest works to his present series. While exploring the Wisconsin countryside, Weinberg was initially drawn to the rustic and simple rural farm dwellings that dotted the landscape. The calm nature of these locations allowed for deep introspection and the artist found that his photographic works became a reflection on time. With his junkyard series, Age of Grace (2006), Weinberg explored the fragility and weathered beauty of discarded metal. In his Deconstruction series, Weinberg began to focus his lens on greenhouse structures during the winter months of 2008 and early 2009. Here he explored the greenhouses and shot the architecture of the buildings to find ways to articulate his personal emotional states at the time he was making the photographs. It was here that the seeds of Mr. Wild’s Garden were planted in the heart of the artist. The unchecked growth in the greenhouses during the off-season sparked the enduring memory of Weinberg’s strange neighbor. Weinberg relied on these vague recollections as psychological center of his new series.

If you are interested in attending the private event on Thursday March 3, 2011, please RSVP by calling David Weinberg Photography at 312.529.5090 or emailing matt@d-weinberg.com. Updates and news about upcoming events and viewings will be available at d-weinberg.com.


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