Klein Artist Works

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Klein Artist Works is Creating Change.

Artists are the most important component of any cultural consideration. Without artists we don’t have culture.

In the visual arts, artists have been relegated to an inferior position. Artists are used and artists are taken advantage of.

All artists want to succeed on their own terms, to make art that affects others and takes care of themselves. But in an art world full of complicated innuendo, slippery practices and an overbearing pursuit of a manipulated buck, it is hard for an artist to prosper when the path is littered with unknowns.

It is precisely for these reasons that Paul Klein has initiated Klein Artist Works. He is an artists’ advocate. He wants to see artists empowered. The first 12-week session of Klein Artist Works has recently completed. Seventeen artists participated, aged 34 to 67, and the testimonials page on the course website indicates they learned a lot.

In the course, Klein first emphasized the importance of artists not only taking responsibility for their artwork, but their careers as well. Our society, politicians, institutions, collectors and galleries are not going to hand out a living to artists based on wishful thinking.

This means that relationships with galleries are not necessarily the cornucopia many artists assume them to be. Klein shows examples of an array of possibilities beyond the traditional and changing gallery scene; public art, commissions, artist generated exhibitions, grant writing, and competitions. A relationship with a gallery is a choice – not a given. And the course met with numerous galleries and dealers to learn the possibilities and shortcomings of a gallery relationship.

Vision and strategy are clearly delineated. Vision is the non-negotiable stuff that a given artist holds close. Strategy, on the other hand, addresses the tactics that an artist might pursue, like scale, size, pricing, relationships with galleries, agents, partners, other artists, and much more.

Through a series of in-person meetings with successful artists, galleries and collectors, coupled with in depth webinars with curators, art business advisors, media relationship experts, grant writers, artists’ agents, gal Fridays, art accountants, critics and artists pursuing non-traditional careers, Klein leads artists through a thorough demystification of the art world.

Artists learn how much work they need before they seek representation, how much work to have before scheduling an exhibit, how to promote oneself, where to seek assistance, how to work with the press and how to cooperate with other artists.

A range of logical steps are revealed and a lot of introductions are made to curators, dealers, collectors, established artists and others who can help the artists accomplish their goals.

Obviously the information is out there for anyone to discover on their own, but why reinvent the wheel every time we encounter a new situation? So often we get mired in our own path that we don’t see, or never learn, the other possibilities that can help us grown and succeed. Paul Klein is here to make that happen, as a guide, mentor and advocate.

His next course begins February 2nd. For information, go to the course website: http://kleinartistworks.com.