Breakout Artists Over 40: Nominations

Kathryn Born

I’m kicking off my mid-life crisis by taking you all down with me.

As I turn forty, I will bravely stand against the ageism tide and host an editorial celebration of artists over forty years of age. We’ve got a few names we know will be included already, and for logistical reasons we’re looking for an eclectic mix, not a comprehensive or “best of” list. We just want wild,  spunky, amazing, daring or avant-garde visual (or performance, street, or video) art by people who may be versed in the following:  dancing the bus stop, doing a Hamill Camel, loading up video games using the sound of the cassette tape (please allow 5 hours),  getting stoned to Liquid Television, paying 37 times to see “Star Wars”, and writing letters on Bank Street Writer.

If these things ring a bell, then you may, just may, be old enough to be included in the mid-to-end period of our February editorial schedule, designed for those of us shuffling into the mid-to-end period of our lives.

So if you’re Chicago-based, your  ID says 2/1971 or earlier and you’d like some press outside of your AoL mailing list, send an email to Chicagoartmagazine  at gmail.com. Nominating yourself is encouraged. Please include:

  • your website,
  • the names and links of 4 other (Chicago-based only) artists you think should be included. If you can’t come up with 4 other artists, then that’s just slightly creepy and way too “me” generation of you. Send links to their sites as well.
  • Put your name, and 40 Over 40 in the subject line

And that’s it, then we’ll take a look, round up artists  into categories, and hijack all the young hipsters who usually dominate editorial.

UPDATE: Nominations are now closed, content begins on 2/11/11.