IPaintMyMind – Nonprofit Arts & Culture Web Magazine

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What is IPaintMyMind?

IPaintMyMind is a Nonprofit Arts and Culture Web Magazine and Art Advocacy Organization.

We make art yours by partnering with creatives of all stripes to provide quality opportunities and outlets for real people to connect with the art and music that inspires them. IPaintMyMind is a nonprofit web magazine and art advocacy organization that grows organically, based on the willingness of creative people to share in their enjoyment of the arts. We believe IPMM is taking an important step in the direction of art sustainability by providing the virtual and physical spaces to promote the art we love. Whether an artist, musician, writer, photographer, or art-lover, IPMM is a portal for connecting to the art, music, and culture that celebrates your perspective. IPMM’s focus is to encourage creativity, positivity, and community – an attempt to improve quality of life through exposure to beauty. We promote creatives who inspire us, and we’re confident you’ll be inspired by them too. We hope to see you at our FREE events, and look forward to sharing culture that breathes life into our colorful and chaotic world.

Web Mag Description

IPMM draws on the past, the present, and the future. The webmag will feature content from all three temporal dimensions. We have nothing against the present moment, in fact, what’s going on right now is very important to IPMM. Perspective is achieved by acknowledging the latitude of time, and IPaintMyMind intends to do so. The texture allowed by acting as both historian and contemporary, is a certain scope we deem necessary, in becoming and remaining, a viable part of a forward-thinking future.

Journalists’ Disclaimer: If you’re looking for “unbiased reporting,” you’re in the wrong place. IPMM features content we dig….ya dig? In fact, as a nonprofit art advocacy organization, we’ll be straight up, we very much want you to visit the sites of the people we highlight!

We cover the things we like – period. The nice thing is, we think you’ll like a lot of it too…