Income Options for Working Artists: Interview with Lynn Basa

“Best of Chicago Art Magazine” re-post. Originally published on 9/27/2010

Interview with Lynn Basa – (click for audio interview)

This interview will ultimately be housed on Chicago Art Collection, because it’s the core industry stuff we’d like to tackle.  There are income opportunities for artists that are simply unknown, or not well known. So we’re creating a series about “The Invisible Art World” which details what these options are.

I’ll do a spoiler right now and say the thing that surprises artists the most: although some art consultants work through the galleries, often times they work directly with artists. So although galleries are the holy grail, be aware that there are other channels of selling art.

So on that note, no one, no one is more open and willing to share what she knows than Lynn Basa. And although her credentials are impressive, the single most important thing to know, in understanding this series, is that Lynn is actually doing, or has done, many of these things herself, and is supporting herself as an artist.

The interview is about 30 minutes long .. and yes.. we’re going to be doing more interviews. At this point we have a team following Lynn around, taking notes.  But in this audion interview, we slam through the basics and lay out some of the options in broad brushstrokes.

Here is some of the timeline – we keep it general, but touch a bit on the specifics are for public art, and working with art consultants.

0:50 — Lynn’s background as public curator, consultant, artist. Her epiphany that she didn’t have to make the art herself.

4:00 —  “Percent for Art” –public art,  and the muli-million dollar opportunity for artists.

5:00 — Requests for Proposals

7:00 – How does an artist move into large-scale projects and work?

8:00  – Fabricators (pt. 1)

13:00 – Definitions of success

15:00 – Why multiple income streams? The problem with isolation when having only a studio practice.

17:00 – Does public art close opportunities within the commercial gallery scene?

18:00 – Hotel Art quality on the rise, multiples

20:00 – Approaching art consultants

21:00 – Raising prices and increasing production

23:00 — Interior Consultants

24:00 – Giclee Multiples

27:00 – Working on a national level

29:00 – Fabricators (pt 2)

That is a lot of ground to cover in 30 minutes! More to come.