Gallery Spotlight: Gallery Provocateur

Gallery Spotlights are posts about randomly selected* art venues in Chicago

The random gallery spotlight series is truly random, and we include galleries on the list that describe and market themselves as art galleries and showcase at least some percentage of original art.  So without further to do….

Gallery Provocateur was established in 2008 by the organization’s curator, Veronika Kotlajic and is located in the historic Congress Theatre. The theatre, still fully operational as a performance venue, provides Gallery Provocateur with an intimate space inside the massive domed building for its shows the owners describe as “a new revolution in art, expression and fantasy.”

However, this gallery largely holds in its inventory, “Fantasy art” prints, (which is often not very revolutionary in its depiction of sexuality in the form of white, young, thin women with idealized body types). There are, however, some exceptions, as evidenced by Patrice Hubert’s sculpture.

Kotlajic, an artist herself, was the curator at Echo Gallery before opening Gallery Provocateur. At Provocateur Kotlajic offers avante garde artists the opportunity to showcase their talent in one of four annual exhibitions that are open to international and local artists.

The Gallery has undergone renovations, transforming small cubicle spaces into small rooms with seating.

Past shows at Gallery Provocateur have revolved around a specific theme. Such themes as Halloween, Fantasia, Heartbreaker, Femme Divine and Lucid Daydreams have all been a part of the Provocateur experience. And the sexual nature in the gallery is not restricted to the art itself, but exists with “guest appearances,” by such groups as Naked Girls Reading – who are, as the name suggests, actual naked girls reading. And is consistent with the overarching theme of young, white, and thin women. http://nakedgirlsreading.com/

Artists that have submitted their work for consideration to Gallery Provocateur and been accepted in one of the four exhibitions have included, Jeff Wack, Keith Klien, Fred Fields and Dave Levingston. In the Lucid Daydreams exhibit, these artists saw their work not only displayed on the walls of the gallery, but projected on the walls in eight-foot high images, with the use of the gallery’s high definition projection equipment.

Gallery Provocateur is located at 2125 N. Rockwell Chicago. Contact: 773.661.2341 or visit www.GalleryProvocateur.org

*Gallery spotlights are chosen based on a lottery, which we document by videotape, in order to be transparent and truly random. 10 were chosen out of a pool of 350.