Deirdre Fox Artist Profile

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Deirdre Fox, Deleterious Vignette: Out of Fountain on to Rock, 2010.

The intersection between and disassociation of artifact and art, the making of tomorrowʼs artifacts, and the temporality versus the permanence of what we make intrigues Chicago-based artist Deirdre Fox.

Her “sculptural drawings” extend drawing from surface and wall into physical space, turning materials that come with purposes and meanings outside of artistic expression into art that relays loose forms of story.

Deirdre Fox, Deleterious Vignette: Hold, 2010.

Fox sees drawing as an analytic process that translates objects, real or imagined, to surfaces of marks that come together into interpretations of objects, and also into new objects in themselves. Observing that a normal drawing material, like graphite or paint, as a substance is a touchable object itself (yet not one necessarily viewed beyond its drawing function), Fox began employing physical toss-aways into her practice.  Materials like plastic grocery bags –with a prior functional identity and purpose that has been reduced or degenerated– are turned into narrative object drawings that are completed by transitory light and the alterable arrangement in which the objects are located.

Using identifiable discards encourages contemplating and confronting what it means to be subject to the passage of time and culpability over what often gets tossed away, physically and metaphorically.

Deirdre Fox, Deleterious Vignette: Wimp (View 1), 2010.

As a thing may support more than one story, each hanging of Fox’s object drawings is like the oral tradition of story telling: retelling, losing, holding onto and gaining in a continuing migration.  Fox also incorporates digital transparencies of the sculptural drawings into later sculptural drawings at new physical sites.

Deirdre Fox, Deleterious Vignette: Wimp (View 2), 2010.

Fox earned a BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, a BS in Materials Science and Engineering from Northwestern University, and a JD with honors from the University of Chicago. She has been awarded residencies at The Ragdale Foundation, the City of Chicago Open Studios Program, the Center for Books and Paper Arts, and the Cliffdweller’s Club, selected as a 2008 Chicago Artists Month featured artist, and received multiple CAAP grants from the City of Chicago/Illinois Arts Council. Her drawings have been curated into The Drawing Center Viewing Program. More information and images can be found at www.artbydado.com, www.myartspace.com/deirdrefox, www.pictureandtext.blogspot.com and www.drawingcenter.org/viewingprogram.

After dedicating intensive years to develop and promote her unique approach to art, Fox now balances making sculptural drawings and prints with her return to the practice of law, bringing together her legal, art and science backgrounds. She recently opened The Law Offices of Deirdre A. Fox (www.dafoxlaw.com site under construction) this year to serve individuals and businesses of varied size in varied industries. A former litigation partner with Kirkland & Ellis, Fox represented companies in a broad range of industries in federal and state courts nationwide. She is admitted to practice in Illinois and registered to practice before the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Fox clerked for the Honorable Judge Thomas Gibbs Gee of the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit.

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