3 Time Lapse Street Art Videos: Snack Attack and Friends

I never ask people who they are. So Snack Attack and I have our pen pal relationship and we don’t ask each other a lot of nosy questions. Yet when I drive down the highway and I see a billboard spot he’s taken over, I think, “I know that guy.” I don’t think he’s an art student trying to build a rap sheet CV, I think he’s a guy who’s aching to be.

These pieces take hours, and all these videos were shot and edited by Brock Brake, who faithfully hits the button every 30 seconds for 5 hours at a time.

Watching these videos again as I embedded the links, I can’t help but laugh at the juxtaposition of a dude with bleary, circled-eyes and the graffiti name “Snack Attack”.

Snacki Inside Wall Mural from brock brake on Vimeo.

DKAL, ROGER, SNACKI, NOTEEF, STAL from brock brake on Vimeo.