Tool Box Flower Box at Jackson Junge Gallery

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Special Exhibit – Jackson Junge Gallery October 8 – November 7

Opening Reception Friday, October 8, 6pm – 9pm

Tool Box Flower Box,” an exhibit featuring single works by 20 Chicago artists, will be on display October 8 thru November 7, 2010, at the Jackson Junge Gallery, 1389 N. Milwaukee Ave., in Chicago. An opening reception, free to the public, will be held on Friday, October 8, 6 – 9pm. Participating artists will be present.

Laura Coyle, Clivia Miniata Raspea

The show highlights facets of urban life where art, technology and nature co-exist. Pieces represent a range of media from oils and acrylics to watercolor, ink and mixed media. The collection is assembled to create a “Suite of Nature” reminiscent of a botanical manual. Hayes explains, “The exhibit symbolizes how technology, mechanical tools and organic plant life harmonize to achieve a sense of balance.”

The show was conceived and organized by the team of Fletcher Hayes and Kim Laurel in support of Chicago Artists Month, celebrated throughout the city during October. “Our program attempts to reach beyond the traditional sphere of reality through imaginary forms,” says Laurel. The exhibition tests the perceived limitations of the utilitarian object and plant world.

Kathy Weaver, Deus Ex Machina

The twenty artists contributing to the exhibit include: Ruby Barnes, Sharon Bladholm, George C. Clark, Laura Coyle, Deborah Adams Doering, Kathryn Gauthier, Michael Goro, Steve Grant, Fletcher Hayes, Eve Jensen, Deborah Maris Lader, Kim Laurel, Richard Laurent, Gregorio Mejia, Joyce Owens, Jeff Stevenson, Neil Shapiro, Michael Thompson, Kathy Weaver and Jill Zylke.


“Clivia Miniata Raspea,” Laura Coyle (Watercolor): A colorful rendition of this South African plant looks lovely to the casual observer. In Victorian England the newly imported species was believed to have cleansing powers, countering the dirt and grime of big cities like London. However, it was soon discovered that the plant produced allergic reactions upon contact with human skin. One legendary story led to the cancelled nuptials of a prominent social couple when the bride’s bouquet produced an unsightly rash. The incident was remembered as the simple plant that attacked the British Empire.

Gregory Mejia, Guns n Garden

“Deus Ex Machina,” Kathy Weaver (Gouache): The title of this piece refers to a literary device where the plot and ultimate outcome hinges on drastic interventions. The artist believes the fate of nature and organic life currently requires such change. The robot in this piece symbolizes “Everyman” surviving in a sophisticated, mechanized world. The figure is at a crossroads trying to determine how technology and nature will co-exist. The artist feels the choice is to remember our humanity and ease up on consumption or forge ahead greedily and suffer the consequences.

Tool Box Flower Box is part of Chicago Artists Month 2010, the 15th annual celebration of Chicago’s vibrant visual art community coordinated by the Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs. The theme of this year’s tribute is “City as Studio” and explores the impact the urban environment has on local artists and their work.

Laura Lee Junge, Fort Ifeye


September 28 – November 14
Opening Reception, Friday, October 1, 6pm – 9pm
“Dual: The Battle Begins”:
A collection of oil paintings by Chicago artist Laura Lee Junge. Known for her colorful, fanciful and kinetic paintings, Junge’s exhibit features surreal “warriors” and “angels.” The artist explores polar forces such as good and evil and the conflict these opposing forces create for humankind.

Saturday, October 16, 8pm – 11pm
Dawn O’Keefe Williams & The Lucky Dogs

Dawn O’Keefe Williams and her backup band The Lucky Dogs perform a blend of blues, jazz, rock and soul. The singer’s repertoire includes favorites from Billie Holiday to Bonnie Raitt along with her own original songs.

Friday, October 22, 6pm – 9pm
Jackson Junge Gallery Anniversary Bash

Chicagoans are invited to attend the one-year anniversary celebration of the Jackson Junge Gallery which features the work of Laura Lee Junge and other Chicago artists.

All Chicago Artists Month exhibits, receptions and performances at the Jackson Junge Gallery are open to the public and free of charge. The Jackson Junge Gallery is open six days a week, closed on Mondays. Tuesday – Saturday, 11am – 8pm. Sunday, 12 noon – 5pm.