Artists in Chicago, Showing During October

It’s common knowledge that Chicago Art Magazine always just runs on fumes, and while we recover our costs from the expansion, we’re doubly so. One thing we do, editorially, is quickly create lots of “evergreen” content, load up “the content hopper schedule” and then all the writers take a break – or in this case, our feature writers moved to the film site (that’s why you see the same names on DIY-film.com as Chicago Art Magazine.

The other bad thing that happened is that our faithful map and calendar guy had a break-in, and is fairly¬†traumatized¬†and again, we don’t have the money to quickly put in the resources to get someone to fill in. So the calendar is out this week.

That said, I saw an announcement about October being a robust month for the arts, and not only had we not fully realized how much is going on, we don’t have a budget for new content. So, as is the Chicago style, we ask artists to foot the bill. Our apologies for this, but again, we’re running on fumes. So we’ve started an Indie GoGo fund.

Artists in Chicago, Showing in October Fund

If we can raise $500, we can do a big kickoff. As soon as the number hits $200, we do a slideshow. At $300, someone will rush in and do the calendar – break-in trauma be dammed. The more you contribute, the more your images will be prominent. The top 5 contributors will get an extra sponsored posts dedicated to their work or venue.

We’re on our own folks. It’s this, or nothing.

Again, our apologies,
Kathryn et al.