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Epic masterwork is not now nor will it ever be available on DVD

All 5 parts, plus premiere of new film by Matthew Barney, DE LAMA LâMINA.
Presented at Music Box Theater, Chicago Sept 3 – 9, 2010

The acclaimed five-part CREMASTER CYCLE is an evocation of the creative process by sculptor and performance artist Matthew Barney. Although the five films were not created in chronological order, and each one comprises a completely realized work in itself, together and in numerical order they follow a geographical path from west to east and trace a metaphorical path toward fully developed form.

Barney’s celebrated CREMASTER CYCLE is not now, nor will it ever be, available to consumers on DVD. The only place it can be seen is on screen in theaters, making this re-release a welcome return to true theatrical repertory programming. The last time the Cycle toured nationally was in 2003 following the completion of Cremaster 3. Fans have now waited seven long years for another opportunity to see this extraordinary body of work.

Link to official website: http://www.cremaster.net
View the Trailer: http://www.cremaster.net/cc_trailer/cc_trail2.htm

Matthew Barney, CREMASTER 1, 1995.

DE LAMA LâMINA Premiere!
By invitation of the local Afro-Brazilian Carnival club Cortejo Afro, artist Matthew Barney and musician Arto Lindsay paraded with their own trio-elétrico on the night of February 22, 2004 as part of the Carnaval de Salvador da Bahia, Brazil. Providing Barney a self-described “detox” after the highly controlled world of THE CREMASTER CYCLE, the musical trio, entitled De Lama Lâmina (“of mud a blade”), integrated the Cortejo Afro percussion group with hundreds of dancers as well as guest percussionists and carnival singers and paraded along the beach circuit near the old center of town. The work was staged as a performance, but scripted and filmed for later exhibition. The film’s running time is 55 minutes.

Matthew Barney, CREMASTER 2, 1999.

In CREMASTER 1 (1996), a platinum starlet with twin hovering Goodyear blimps builds geometric patterns from red and green grapes, mirrored by Busby Berkeley-style showgirls on the blue Astroturf field below. CREMASTER 2 (1999), a hallucinatory work featuring writer/director Matthew Barney as Western outlaw Gary Gilmore and Norman Mailer as Harry Houdini, is an eclectic mix of gender-bending sexuality and athleticism, obscure historical references, high fashion, remote locations, lush music and a range of category-defying mythopoeic imagery. The film’s running time is 120 minutes. (USA 1995/99)

Matthew Barney, CREMASTER 3, 2002.

The concluding installment of artist Matthew Barney’s five-part CREMASTER film cycle is an epic journey that infuses Celtic mysticism with 20th century modernism, blockbuster bombast with hermetic aesthetics. Shot at two architectural landmarks–New York’s Chrysler Building and the Guggenheim Museum–along with locales in Ireland, Scotland and upstate New York, CREMASTER 3 follows The Entered Apprentice (Barney) as he endures torture and travails in order to ascend each building. Peopled by ogres and gangsters, chorus girls and freemasons, Barney’s bizarre universe is never less than stunning. Features appearances by sculptor Richard Serra, hardcore bands Agnostic Front and Murphy’s Law, and athlete Aimee Mullins. The film’s running time is 181 minutes. (USA, 2002)

Matthew Barney, CREMASTER 4, 1994.

In CREMASTER 4, a flame-haired satyr (filmmaker Matthew Barney) slowly taps his way through an eroding floor into the sea, as competing color-coded motorcycle teams set off in opposite directions to circle the Isle of Man. In CREMASTER 5, Ursula Andress (Dr. No) stars as the Queen of Chain, an audience of one for whom a lush operatic spectacle is performed by the Budapest Opera and Philharmonic Orchestra within a grand 19th century opera house, accompanied by faeries, a magician (Barney), various attendants of unspecified gender and species, and a bevy of live pigeons. The film’s running time is 98 minutes (USA, 1994/97)

THE CREMASTER CYCLE will open on Friday, Sept 3 at the Music Box Theatre, showing through Thursday, Sept 9 for an exclusive one-week engagement.

Schedule will be posted shortly at http://www.musicboxtheatre.com/

Music Box Theatre is at 3733 N. Southport Ave. Program information: (773) 871-6604.

The films are not rated. Digital photos and press kit at: http://internationalfilmcircuit.com/cremaster/download/press.html

Preview Screeners are available for loan.

For more information, please contact Wendy Lidell, International Film Circuit 212-777-5690 or wlidell@infc.us.