Chicago Art Magazine’s Flying Red Carpet Event

We’re shooting a “flying red carpet event” where we create a red carpet “set” that moves from place to place. Fruzsina Eordogh and I will host. I’m going to be wearing white go go boots, we’ll have a videographer, helpers and a few other people with cameras.

This is what will be going on:

Our red carpet consists of a 5′ square piece of red velvet cloth, our ropes are plastic stands (stanchions) with plastic chains. We’ll have a few videographers and we are going to attempt to webcast live, along with shooting footage.

So that’s the gear and setup, and here’s the plan

Around 5:15, we’ll plunk our “set” down on the street – starting in front of Addington Gallery on Wells. Then we start interviewing people. Anyone who will talk to us. No one is safe.

Then we relocate and shoot someplace new, interview more people. This is where Foursquare is extremely handy. If you sign up for Foursquare on your cell phone, and become friends with chiartmachine, you can, literally find/stalk/follow us in real time.

Anyway, so after about an hour in River North (sooner if we get hassled/booted), we get on the trolley and shoot in route, at that point putting the red carpet on a seat and sitting on it. Then we land in the west loop. By now it’s probably 6:30. We interview more people and finish up.

At that point, we can relax and stop the official red carpet. For those of us who want to keep checking stuff out, we’ll have one person keep shooting video with my camera and we’ll go to more galleries. Fruzsina has a hit list for which I concur. We’ll try to upload some video at that point.

The whole thing is totally over by 8, sans after party. In which case, we keep the video rolling.

That’s the plan. Come join us if you’d like.  Just be prepared to answer the questions: “Who are you wearing?” and “What are you looking at tonight?”

Update: we will be serving coffee, since the galleries have nothing I can drink.