Patrajdas Fall Season

Fall Season kick-off eventSeptember 10

Photographs by Korean-born Yeleen Lee
Yeleen Lee - 23rd and 5th  Avenue, photography
at Lee Weitzman (233 W Huron)
Reception Friday September 10, 5 – 8 p.m.

Yeleen’s unique “After the Rain” series deals with renewal, the intersection of new and old, the confluence of reality
and perception.

After the rain …
As in a time when I can still see the impression of the rain, As in the traces of tears in a cleared world after overwhelming distress, As in a place where the rain and the sun meet, not yet parting from each other, I, who am standing somewhere in between, listen to the stories of both sides:of this world that I see and walk on… and of the vulnerable world that, like the frame called nature, trembles in a faintest breeze…

Lee was born in Korea in 1979, and has studied and worked in the US. She has been shown in NYC, at Art Chicago, and is in several museum collections.

September 22 – October 10 SangSik Hong - five mouth, drinking straw sculpture
ArtPrize – Grand Rapids, MI.

Two of PATRAJDAS’ artists, SangSik Hong of Korea and Konrad Winter, of Austria, will compete for a $250,000 cash prize later this month in ArtPrize, a “radically open art event”. Over 1700 artists’ work will be shown in nearly 200 venues in and around the Grand Rapids MI central business district. It’s worth a visit!

SangSik Hong, of Korea, has entered “Five Mouths”, a 5’+ tall sculpture comprised of drinking straws and acrylic. Although several venues competed for his entry, the Grand Rapids Public Museum made the strongest case, offering him the center of the exhibition hall. Hong’s use of drinking straws juxtaposes a weak (yet iconic) material against the message he wishes to convey, which concerns sex, power, and desire.

Konrad Winter - Riverastrand, automotive paint on aluminumAlso at ArtPrize, the “Camouflage Paintings” of Austrian Konrad Winter. Winter’s use of automotive lacquer on aluminum imbues his works with a gloss and intensity that elevate the otherwise-familiar scenes that are his subjects. His style of painting, reducing subtle color gradations to isochromes results in a field akin to camouflage, but in his case actually heightens the viewer’s interest in the scene. The lush, vibrant colors captivate, and their saturation causes one to see different paintings at different distances – realist/figuraitve one moment, abstract the next. His work is exceptionally engaging, pulling the viewer into the scene – one in which the view feels right at home – as though he’s been there before.
Konrad’s work “Rivierastrand” will be installed at The B.O.B. in Grand Rapids.

October 9

Olivia Ortega - chicago artist, paint on cardboardFulton Arts Walk
October 9, 12 noon – 5 p.m.

Look for PATRAJDAS Contemporary to introduce a couple interesting local artists during the famous Fulton Arts Walk. Please check back for details!!!

… fresh!!!

November 5 – 7
jeff wallin - Untitled, kiln-formed glass
SOFA Chicago – Navy Pier

PATRAJDAS artists Jeff WallinSangSik Hong, and 
Jumbum Park
will be featured at SOFA -Chicago,
(Sculpture, Objects & Functional Art) the nation’s top
object-oriented art fair.

junbum park - stump stool, welded steelWallin‘s haunting, ethereal figurative drawings in glass have found acceptance in both the fine-art and object worlds; his increasing complexity and scale should culminate in a pair of human-scale works created specifically for the expo.

Junbum Park, of Korea, has designed a series of handmade, forged-steel stools and benches based on his relationship with nature – in particular, a tree that he and his friends used to play around … looking forward to visiting that spot years later, he discovered it was gone.

Chicago, IL | 312-226-3444