Part 7: Maps By Medium – Sculpture

For the last four parts of of this series, Stephanie Burke has broken up the Friday night River North and West Loop galleries by medium. Obviously many of the works are fluid between two or more media types. These listings and maps are simply tools to help guide the viewer, should they be interested in focusing their gallery visits toward one medium of interest or another. The following map deals with media loosely categorized as Sculpture.

River North Galleries featuring Sculpture –

1. Habatat Galleries – 222 W. Superior. Christina Bothwell. Reception 5-8pm. 9/10-10/31.

2. Maya Polsky Gallery – 215 W. Superior St. Close & Beyond, work by Jose Cobo. Reception 5:30-7:30pm. 9/10-10/20.

3. Ken Saunders Gallery – 230 W. Superior. Artifact/Toy, work by Rick Beck. Reception 5-8pm. 9/10-10/31.

4. Perimeter Gallery – 210 W. Superior. Robert Hudson & Ben Whitehouse. Reception  5-8pm. 9/10-10/9.

5. Roy Boyd Gallery – 739 N. Wells. Firat Erdim & Mario Trejo. Reception 5-8pm. 9/10-10/26.

West Loop Galleries featuring Sculpture –

1. McCormick Gallery – 835 W. Washington. New Work by Bernard Williams. Reception 4-7pm. 9/10-10/16.

2. Douglas Dawson Gallery – 400 N. Morgan. BAMANA!, works from Mali. Reception 6-9pm. 9/10-10/15.

3. Dubhe Carreño Gallery – 118 N. Peoria. New Ceramic Sculpture by Elise Siegel. Reception 5-7pm. 9/10-11/6.

4. EC Gallery – 215 N. Aberdeen. Poignant Trash: New works, work by Connie Noyes. Reception 6-8pm. 9/10-10/23.

5. Western Exhibitions – 119 N. Peoria St., suite 2A. Ben Stone & Joey Fauerso. Reception 5-8pm.9/10-10/9.

6. Packer Schopf Gallery – 942 W. Lake. Michael Ferris Jr., Frank Trankina, & Eric Stotik. Reception 6-9pm.

Click here to download our .pdf Sculpture Map & List

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