McCormick Place West: Art for a Building the Size of O’Hare

AutoCad, original concept of Glass Curtain

Paul Klein’s work at McCormick Place is one of those massive projects that received press when the project was completed, a couple years back. And then very little media coverage ever since – which is the problem with “news pegs” – the press only covers things that are launching or changing (or in trouble).

Yet to not have this art collection stay on the public radar is nonsense. It was one of the largest art collections assembled in many years. Our slideshow has 46 images and there are far more pieces by dozens of many of Chicago’s finest artists – all contained in a new massive building that is the size of O’Hare Airport. I recommend , Klein’s site, Artletter.com, which has this page of resources and information, and a google search for further reading, but I will say this: all of these large-scale pieces were commissioned. Klein worked with each local artist to find some Chicago or Illinois connection for each piece.  So there’s a story behind each one, and there is  a print-on-demand book that lays it all out.

I also wrote a piece long ago about the massive interactive sculpture called “Glass Curtain”, which has the AutoCad version and the final sculpture.

That said, here is a photo gallery that gives a sense of scale for this massive project.