Drop and Give Me 5 (Artists)

This name came from a desire to go up to people in the know and say, “don’t think, just list the first 10 artists that come to mind” and then just list them out on the site, with an image, and just let it be a very lightly juried thing.

So me being me, here’s the electronic version. It’s got spam filters up the wazoo, but outside of that, it’s super easy to post anonymously. So if you’re plugging yourself, along with 4 people who aren’t you, then who’s the wiser? It’s the overall list that we’re either going to create into a post or just let sit in the inbox.

But if you post your list, you get $25.  Thematically-linked artist lists are encouraged. [Tech Note:And, interestingly, we can just use link to an image – http://moniquemeloche.com/wp-content/gallery/carrie-schneider/cs-e10-ghost-for-salla.jpg is an example. Then we’re “portaling it” – rather than posting a picture we’re hosting, it’s a window to the original site. This will help us stay out of copyright trouble. For other images, like on Jason Brammer’s site, he’s got the “copy shortcut” link disabled. So that’s a no no. And if you think I’m going to chase down 10 consent forms for each post, you’re out of your mind]

But if you can get permission from your studio mates, etc., then go ahead and use the images. If anyone complains, we pull the post down and your name is mud in the self-uploading department.

Alright, let’s give this the old college try.

Also worthy of note, we’re currently looking for collage artists, book artists, resin artists, sculptors, glass, wood, ephemeral, surrealist. So those thematic roundups are very likely to make it to the site.